Female CEOs Lead These Top Companies

Not all employers are slow to make diverse hires in the C-suite.

Female CEOs Lead These Top Companies

Rosalind Brewer, the first Black woman CEO on the Fortune 500.

Want to work for a winner? Some of the top companies are helmed by female CEOs—and they just so happen to hire on Monster.

Why would you want to consider jobs at companies with female CEOs? There have been many studies on the benefits of gender diversity in the workplace—that includes the economic upsides of having women in high-ranking positions. Research by S&P Global showed that companies led by women often have better stock prices than companies led by men.

And yet, top companies are slow to make more diverse hires in the C-suite. The percentage of women in senior vice president roles went from 23% to 28%, and the percentage of women in the C-suite went from 17% to 21%, between January 2015 and January 2020, according to McKinsey and Lean In's Women in the Workplace report.

And among Fortune 500 companies, only around 8% have female CEOs—which, believe it or not, is the highest percentage ever—and only four women of color are on the list: Rosalind Brewer (Walgreens), Lisa Su, (Advanced Micro Devices), Sonia Syngal (Gap), and Joey Wat (Yum China). These mega companies are serving the entire population, so shouldn’t their workers—at all levels—represent the entire population? (That was a rhetorical question.)

Want to get a job at an employer that sees the benefit of diverse leadership? Check out this list of companies with women CEOs that hire on Monster.

Female CEOs lead these top companies

1. Accenture

Industry: Public utility company
CEO: Julie Sweet, since September 2019
Number of employees: 506,000

Find jobs at Accenture on Monster.

2. American Water Works Company, Inc.

Industry: Public utility company
CEO: Susan N. Story, since May 2014
Number of employees: 7,100

Find jobs at American Water Works on Monster.

3. Anthem, Inc.

Industry: Health care
CEO: Gail Boudreaux, since November 2017
Number of employees: 58,000

Find jobs at Anthem Inc. on Monster.

4. Arista Networks

Industry: Technology
CEO: Jayshree V. Ullal, since September 2008
Number of employees: 2,300

Find jobs at Arista Networks on Monster.

5. Best Buy, Inc.

Industry: Retail
CEO: Corie Barry, since June 2019
Number of employees: 125,000

Find jobs at Best Buy on Monster.

6. Citigroup

Industry: Investment banking
CEO: Jane Fraser, as of March 1, 2021
Number of employees: 204,000

Find jobs at Citibank on Monster.

7. The Clorox Company

Industry: Manufacturer of consumer and professional products
CEO: Lisa Rendle, since September 2020
Number of employees: 8,800

Find jobs at Clorox on Monster.

8. CVS Health

Industry: Health care
CEO: Karen S. Lynch, since February 2021
Number of employees: 300,000

Find jobs at CVS Health on Monster.

9. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Industry: Sporting goods retailer
CEO: Lauren Hobart, since February 1, 2021
Number of employees: 45,000

Find jobs at Dick’s Sporting Goods on Monster.

10. Duke Energy Corporation

Industry: Electricity company
CEO: Lynn J. Good, since July 2013
Number of employees: 29,060

Find jobs at Duke Energy on Monster.

11. Franklin Resources

Industry: Financial holding company
CEO: Jennifer M. Johnson, since 2019
Number of employees: 11,800

Find jobs at Franklin Resources on Monster.

12. Gap

Industry: Retail
CEO: Sonia Syngal, since March 2020
Number of employees: 129,000

Find jobs at the Gap on Monster.

13. General Dynamics Corporation

Industry: Aerospace and defense
CEO: Phebe N. Novakovic, since January 2013
Number of employees: 98,600

Find jobs at General Dynamics on Monster.

14. General Motors

Industry: Automotive
CEO: Mary T. Barra, since January 2014
Number of employees: 180,000+

Find jobs at General Motors on Monster.

15. Hershey Company

Industry: Food and beverage
CEO: Michele Buck, since March 2017
Number of employees: 21,000

Find jobs at the Hershey Company on Monster.

16. Kohl's Corporation

Industry: Retail
CEO: Michelle Gass, since May 2018
Number of employees: 137,000

Find jobs at Kohl’s on Monster.

17. Northrop Grumman

Industry: Aerospace and defense
CEO: Kathy Warden, since January 2019
Number of employees: 85,000

Find jobs at Northrop Grumman on Monster.

18. Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Industry: Petroleum and natural gas
CEO: Vicki Hollub, since April 2016
Number of employees: 11,000

Find jobs at Occidental Petroleum on Monster.

19. Oracle Corporation

Industry: Technology
CEO: Safra A. Catz, since September 2014
Number of employees: 138,000

Find jobs at Oracle on Monster.

20. The Progressive Corporation

Industry: Insurance
CEO: Tricia Griffith, since July 2016
Number of employees: 33,000

Find jobs at Progressive Insurance on Monster.

21. Ross Stores, Inc.

Industry: Retail
CEO: Barbara Rentler, since June 2014
Number of employees: 79,000

Find jobs at Ross Stores on Monster.

22. Ulta Beauty, Inc.

Industry: Cosmetics and skincare
CEO: Mary Dillon, since July 2013
Number of employees: 34,700

Find jobs at Ulta Beauty on Monster.

23. United Parcel Service

Industry: Logistics
CEO: Carol Tomé, since June 1, 2020
Number of employees: 540,000

Find jobs at UPS on Monster.

24. Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Industry: Health care
CEO: Reshma Kewalramani, MD, since 2017
Number of employees: 3,000

Find jobs at Vertex Pharmaceuticals on Monster.

25. Walgreens Boots Alliance

Industry: Health care
CEO: Rosalind Brewer, as of March 15, 2021 (Brewer is the only Black female CEO leading a Fortune 500 company)
Number of employees: 225,000

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