These are the top 20 most common first jobs people have before moving on to other careers

Just starting out? Everyone has to start somewhere (Stephen Colbert was once a cafeteria server)—and you can start by checking out our listings for the most common #FirstSevenJobs.

These are the top 20 most common first jobs people have before moving on to other careers

You can learn a lot about someone based on how they got their start. Back in August, social media users began sharing their first jobs under the hashtag #FirstSevenJobs.

As celebrities and unknown professionals-alike took to social media to post lists of how they spent their first years in the workforce, the hashtag soon went viral.

Buzz Aldrin, for example, went from washing dishes to walking on the moon in three moves. Not bad, right?

Although #FirstSevenJobs lists like Aldrin’s show a relatively swift rise from dishwasher to astronaut, other entries show that career change occurs much more slowly.

Just look at Stephen Colbert’s career trajectory, for example. Before he was a late night talk show host, the #FirstSevenJobs on his resume reads: construction, bus boy, cafeteria server, library data entry, futon frame maker, futon salesman and waiter.

And before writing music and prose for the hit musical Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda was, instead, asking, “Would you like fries with that?” Not only did the playwright work the cash register at McDonald’s, he also operated a slushee machine at his aunt’s store.

But if you’re looking to fill out your own #FirstSevenJobs list, Facebook recently used the hashtag to identify the top 20 first jobs people have.

You can start your job search by clicking through the list below to see if one of these starter jobs would be a good fit for you. Keep in mind, though, that everyone has to start somewhere. And, often, that “somewhere” is babysitting the rambunctious toddler down the street.

Most common first jobs:

  1. Babysitter
  2. Cashier
  3. Lab assistant
  4. Newspaper delivery
  5. Teacher
  6. Camp counselor
  7. Retail
  8. Dishwasher
  9. Receptionist
  10. Manager
  11. Waiter/Waitress
  12. Host/Hostess
  13. Intern
  14. McDonald’s
  15. Student
  16. Barista
  17. Store clerk
  18. Pizza delivery
  19. Lifeguard
  20. Research assistant