Follow us on the path to finding your first job out of college

If you’re feeling the struggle of post-grad life, our five-part video series “Graduated—and Unemployed” is full of laughs and job search advice to help you land an awesome job.

Congrats, graduates. You made it. All of those cheap boxes of wine, midday meltdowns, 20-cent noodles, and late night cram sessions are behind you. You’re on your way.  But….you’re not quite there yet. Because if you’re like 74.3% of this year’s graduates polled by Monster, you still don’t have a job.

Monster’s five-part video series, Graduated—and Unemployed, is here to help—and hopefully provide a few laughs for those all-too-real moments everyone encounters on the journey to a full-time job and a 401(k).

Join Jessica as she guides you through the post-college job hunt, and then click through the links below for more job search advice.

Episode One: Binge Watching, Hangovers, and Job Applications

How to write your resume (and cover letter):

Resume sample for a recent college grad

Resume tips for recent college grads

How to get your resume noticed

How to get your resume ready for a job search

How to write accomplishments on your resume

How to use keywords on your resume

How to quantify your achievements on your resume

Action words to include on your resume

Skills to include on your resume

Resume critique checklist

Get your resume done right

After toiling away in classrooms for four (or more) years, getting a job right out of college is a natural goal. Thing is, you share that goal with every other graduate, so the competition is understandably fierce. Could you use some help standing out from the crowd? Let the experts at Monster's Resume Writing Service create a high-impact resume for you that will impress employers. Monster leads the industry with a 96% resume writing satisfaction rate. If you’re not 100% satisfied, they’ll rewrite your resume for free. Launch your career from a strong, solid foundation.

How to find a job:

Companies hiring entry-level workers now

What kind of jobs you should apply for

How to choose a career path

How to leverage your internship in your job search

How to use Monster to find a job

Episode Two: Long Islands, Cute Bartenders, and Networking Events

How to network:

Networking tips for college seniors

How to craft the perfect elevator pitch

Recipe for the perfect networking conversation

Networking tips for people who hate networking

How to be the person people want to talk to at networking events

How to improve the quality of your networking

Build your job search network

Surprising places to network

How to gracefully exit a networking conversation

Episode Three: Internet Stalking, Crop Tops, and Interview Prep

How to prepare for an interview:

Top interview questions

How to rehearse interview questions

How to research a company

What you need to know about a company before your interview

What to wear to an interview

Gather company intel

Have an interview coming up? See what current and former employees have to say about the company by reading reviews on kununu. Oh, and be sure to check out the company's ratings to see how they score in terms of culture, work-life balance, equality, compensation, career development, and other top factors you should consider in your job search.

Episode Four: White Lies, Awkward Hugs, and Interview Questions

Interview do's and don'ts:

What to bring to your interview

Worst interview mistakes

Answers to the 10 most common job interview questions

Lists of strengths and weaknesses: what to say in an interview

9 good questions to ask in an interview

4 ways to follow up an interview 

Episode Five: Breath Mints, Ping Pong Tables, and Job Offers

Job offer advice:

What to do when you get a job offer

How to evaluate a job offer

How to accept a job offer

How to negotiation your first salary

Super-charge your post-grad job search

We get it: Finding your first job out of college is hard...and not that much fun. But hopefully binge-watching our five-episode video series satisfied your absolute need to procrastinate everything, and now you're ready to get down to business and find a job. A great, easy first step is to join Monster for free today. As a member, job alerts and expert advice will be emailed to you weekly—plus, you can upload your resume, so recruiters can find you as soon as jobs get posted.