How to Change Jobs Without Changing Employers

How to Change Jobs Without Changing Employers

How to Change Jobs Without Changing Employers

By Caroline Levchuck

A bad boss, boredom or a lack of opportunity -- each of these factors can prompt you to want to change jobs. But what if you're loathe to leave an employer you love? 

The answer is simple, but the process may not be: Try to arrange an internal transfer to another position. Follow these steps to make sure you don't make a misstep when making your move.

Don't Jump the Gun

It's no secret that breaking into a particular industry may require you to accept one position and ultimately transfer to another that will put you on your intended career track. Employers are aware of this, but typically an employee is expected to remain in a job for a minimum of six months to two years. Find out what your employer's expectation or policy is and honor it.

Investigate Your Opportunities

Many large companies prefer to promote from within and will keep a comprehensive internal job board. Consult it regularly to determine if there are positions that interest you and whether you're qualified for them.

If you're desperate to transfer but don't qualify for any of the open positions, find out if your company has any hard-to-fill positions it may be more than willing to train you to do.

Follow in Someone Else's Footsteps

Sure, some people like to boldly go where no man or woman has been, but it's so much easier to follow in someone else's footsteps, particularly where a transfer is concerned.

Ask around and find a few folks who have transferred to different positions and ask them for advice about dealing with your boss, your human resources representative and the transition.

Find Your Replacement

Your supervisor may not be amenable to a transfer because she values your knowledge and work -- and she dreads the process of trying to fill your shoes.

As soon as you know you're serious about transferring, start scouting the company for someone who may be interested in your position. Tap your extended network as well. If there's talent waiting in the wings, your boss will be more supportive of you moving on and up.