Top in-demand jobs in Atlanta

Here are the top jobs leading the charge for Atlanta's post-COVID recovery.

Top in-demand jobs in Atlanta

Here are five in-demand jobs in Atlanta

The most recent jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a bit of an uptick in new jobs and a decrease in the unemployment rate—good signs that the economy is rebounding from the coronavirus pandemic. Atlanta was one of the first cities to re-open and after a month of getting back to normal is seeing growth in a variety of industries and occupations. 

Using TalentNeuron from Gartner, Monster tracked five jobs that are showing growth in the Atlanta metro region. Going one step further, we layered on intel from Burning Glass to show the projected growth rate, median salary, and general requirements for each job.

It goes without saying, COVID-19 has dramatically changed the the way we work and look for a new job. Whether you're looking for a work from home opportunity, an onsite position, or a gig that will take you out on the open road, here are five jobs in Atlanta that have projected growth rates ranging from 10% to 27% and are available on Monster now.   

Customer service representative

Duties: Customer service reps (CSR) interact with customers, answering questions, and solving problems either in person, over the phone, or online. CSRs may help troubleshoot technical problems for equipment or software or keep records of customer communications and transactions.

Projected growth: 10% 

Demand: Very high demand

Requirements: High school diploma and at two years of experience and strong communication and problem-solving skills

Salary: Median salary of $29,000

Keyword search: Customer service associate, Customer service specialist, Call center representative

Work from home/remote potential: yes

Insurance sales agent

Duties: An insurance sales agent may work for an insurance company or as an independent insurance agent selling insurance to customers, evaluating the insurance coverage needs of customers, and proposing different packages and prices of available products. They may be the first point of contact for customers filing insurance claims and often specialize in one line of insurance such as life, auto, or homeowner's. 

Projected growth: 16% 

Demand: High demand

Requirements: A high school diploma, two or less years of prior experience, and strong communication and organizational skills. Learn more about how to become an insurance agent.

Salary: Median salary of $42,000

Keyword search: Insurance agent, Sales agent, Insurance sales representative

Work from home/remote potential: yes

Registered nurse

Duties: Registered Nurses (RN) provide medical care and treatment, educate patients about their conditions, and provide emotional support to patients and families. RNs most often work in hospitals, schools, clinics, or community health centers under the supervision of a physician or other specialist. They may specialize in emergency room work, surgery, or cardiac care, or may focus on treatment for a particular patient such as, infants, the elderly or other patient groups. RNs can also work as an advanced practice specialists and prescribe medications in addition to offering specialty care.

Projected growth: 18%

Demand: Very high demand

Requirements: Associate degree or Bachelor’s and as little as two years experience. Licensing varies by state.

Salary: Median salary of $70,000

Keyword search: Clinical care manager, physical therapist, respiratory therapist, licensed practical nurse

Work from home/remote potential: for some positions. Check out this list.

Software developer

Duties: Software developers design computer software, analyzes customer or user needs, designs programs, writes code, or instructs computer programmers, tests design, and documents programs. They may assist with upgrades or maintenance of computer systems or specialize in the design of computer applications or systems.

Projected growth: 27% 

Demand: Very high demand

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree is generally required along with 3-5 years of experience

Salary: Median salary of $98,000

Keyword search: Software engineer, Java developer, .Net developer

Work from home/remote potential: yes

Tractor-trailer truck driver

Duties: Tractor-trailer drivers drive large trucks to transport cargo across long distances.

Projected growth: 14%

Demand: Very high demand

Requirements: High school diploma and as little as two years experience

Salary: Median salary of $74,000

Keyword search: Light truck and delivery driver, Forklift operator, diesel mechanic

Work from home/remote potential: No

Stay one step ahead of the curve

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