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How to get out of your own way so you can find a new job

If you’ve even been thinking about getting a new job (never mind actually applying for one), chances are you’ve encountered fear, inertia, even paralysis on the regular. We get it. And we know that feeling of being “stuck” can keep you exactly where you are—which isn’t where you want to go, right?

That’s why we invited Gary John Bishop, author of the new best-selling book Unf*ck Yourself, Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life, to come onto Jobsessed and share the techniques he uses as a personal development coach.

His funny, cut through the bullsh*t approach (delivered in an enchanting Scottish brogue), might be just what you need if you’re in that awful purgatory between knowing you need to get a new job and finding the motivation to take action.

In our latest podcast, he’ll motivate and inspire you, with advice on:

-       How to talk to yourself in a way that inspires action

-       How to find the willingness to make big changes

-       How to feel like you’re winning in every single situation

Plus, special correspondent Mack Gelber takes the pulse of some Brooklyn College rising seniors to hear how confident they feel about getting hired next year.

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