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Liberal arts degree jobs

Check out this list of the best liberal arts jobs you can get with your degree.

Liberal arts degree jobs

As a liberal arts major, you’ve heard it before: “What are you going to do with that English degree?” Or that history degree, or that philosophy degree?

Get a job, that’s what!

Believe it or not, a liberal arts degree makes you well-suited for several industries, including technology, marketing, and business operations. That's because your studies have taught you how to think critically, research thoroughly, and write well—all of which are skills any employer will value.

Niagara University Director of Career Sciences Robert Swanson recounts a conversation he had with a manufacturing executive friend of his who said, “Liberal arts majors are able to think critically, communicate complex ideas in understandable terms, imagine possibilities, and adapt to changing priorities.”
Sometimes getting the job is a matter of showing how willing you are to learn. “He said that quite often he could teach a psychology major what they needed to know about business more easily than trying to teach a business major what they needed to know about people,” Swanson says. “That in my opinion is the value of the liberal arts and that is where the earning power of majors like psychology, art, or health care administration rests.” 
Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Monster rounded up 10 of the best jobs for liberal arts majors. So tell your friends and family to stop worrying: Your diploma won't become just a piece of wall art.


Job Title

Median Salary

Job Growth

Interpreter or translator



Web developer



Software developer



Database administrator



Technical writer



Advertising or marketing managers



Paralegal or legal assistant



Archivist or curator



Public relations specialist



Human resources specialist



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