Monster Midyear Jobs Report 2019

Here are the top jobs and companies hiring so far this year.

Monster Midyear Jobs Report 2019

We’re halfway through 2019, and it’s been a bit of a wild ride—at least as far as the job market is concerned. The year kicked off with 311,000 jobs in January (plus one that no one wanted until Maroon 5 agreed to take it) and then the rollercoaster ride started—a crazy dip in February, back up for March and April, and then down to only 75,000 in May. It’s enough to give you whiplash.

Despite the ups and downs, you started the year off feeling really optimistic. According to this year’s Monster State of the Candidate Survey, 67% of respondents felt the market has moved in the job seeker’s favor, and over one-third of respondents planned to take advantage of that by looking for a new job this year.

Well, to make the process easier, we compiled data using the TalentNeuron tool from Gartner to determine the top jobs posted to Monster in the past six months, the top 10 companies hiring, and the 10 cities with the most jobs during that timeframe to create the 2019 Monster Midyear Jobs Report. We then consulted Labor Insights™ from Burning Glass to layer in some more specifics about the prospects for the top jobs on Monster—things like job growth, median annual salary, and related job titles. (Hint: Include these titles in your next job search, or set up multiple job alerts so you don’t miss any opportunities when new positions get posted.)

Take a look at the list of top jobs, cities (there are a few surprises!), and companies hiring to find something that fits your requirements. Who knows, this could turn out to be the year that you finally find the right fit.

Top jobs

Software developer

What you’ll do: To put it simply, software developers develop software. Or more precisely, you may oversee the entire software development process (including upgrades or maintenance of existing software), analyze customer or user needs, write code, and test designs. Some software developers even specialize in the design of specific computer applications or computer systems.

What you’ll need: Software developers usually have a bachelor’s degree in computer science plus strong computer programming skills.

What you’ll make (median annual salary): $99K

Job growth (over 10 years): 31%

Related job titles: data engineer, computer programmer, web developer, database administrator

Find software developer jobs on Monster.


Product demonstrator

What you’ll do: As a product demonstrator, you’ll set up product demonstration stations in a store, at a trade show, or an outdoor event. Your goal is to generate customer interest and drive sales. If you’re really lucky, you may even be featured in a product demonstration video that gets played in stores.

What you’ll need: The majority of job listings require a high school diploma. Many of the positions are part-time, so they offer great flexibility for students, working parents, and retirees.

What you’ll make: $31K

Job growth: 6.5%

Related job titles: sales assistant, brand ambassador, event specialist, retail sales associate

Find product demonstrator jobs on Monster.


Computer support specialist

What you’ll do: Computer support specialists help clients diagnose and solve computer problems, either as a part of an organization’s information technology (IT) department, or directly to individual users in person, via telephone, or chat. Additionally, you’ll help maintain computer networks and fix problems as they arise.

What you’ll need: Although many jobs require a bachelor’s degree, others request a high school diploma or associate degree.

What you’ll make: $42K

Job growth: 11%

Similar job titles: desktop support technician, help desk technician, help desk analyst, network engineer

Find computer support specialist jobs on Monster.


Maintenance and repair technicians

What you’ll do: Every well-run business has got an excellent maintenance and repair technician in house. You’ll oversee the daily functions of the workspace, maintain and repair equipment, and coordinate the daily tasks of the maintenance staff.

What you’ll need: Talent Insights™ shows 61% of job listings require a high school diploma. Depending on the building and the necessary level of management, some positions may request an associate or bachelor’s degree.

What you’ll make: $52K

Job growth: 7%

Similar job titles: maintenance assistant, maintenance supervisor, building and general maintenance technician, repair/service technician

Find maintenance and repair technician jobs on Monster.


Industrial engineer

What you’ll do: Ever meet someone who’s an industrial engineer and your first thought was, “That sounds more technical than I can even ask a question about”? Guess what? The job description isn’t really that complicated. How’s this? As an industrial engineer, you'll use technology and engineering (natch!) to help companies and organizations produce products with efficient use of time, resources, and energy. Ultimately, you'll be responsible for coming up with ways to make production processes more efficient and less wasteful. Pretty cool, huh?

What you’ll need: Frequently, a bachelor’s degree and strong problem-solving skills are required.

What you’ll make: $75K

Job growth: 10%

Similar job titles: manufacturing engineer, mechanical engineer, validation engineer, health and safety engineer

Find industrial engineer jobs on Monster.


Network systems administrator

What you’ll do: As a network systems administrator, you’ll organize and install the hardware and software that connect computers and other technology to outside networks, and you’ll manage the day-to-day operations of those computer networks.

What you’ll need: Most network system administrator roles require a bachelor’s degree, but some may require an associate degree or postsecondary certification.

What you’ll make: $77K

Job growth: 6%

Similar job titles: systems administrator, network administrator, senior systems administrator, network engineer

Find network systems administrator jobs on Monster.


Customer service representative

What you’ll do: Are you a people person? If so, then you’ll fit right in as a customer service representative (CSR). You’ll interact directly with customers, fielding questions, and solving problems. Some CSRs work with customers in person, whereas others communicate over the phone or online.

What you’ll need: The majority of jobs require a high school diploma and strong communication skills. Manager roles may require an associate or bachelor’s degree.

What you’ll make: $30K

Job growth: 5%

Similar job titles: customer service associate, customer service specialist, call center representative, patient service representative

Find customer service representative jobs on Monster.


Tractor-trailer truck driver

What you’ll do: As a tractor-trailer truck driver, you’ll be making so many people happy when you tirelessly haul large trucks filled with cargo—from furniture to bananas—across long distances so they can enjoy the excitement of one-day delivery!

What you’ll need: Two things most frequently required for a truck driver job are a high school diploma and a driver’s license. Class A certification is sometimes required and the job title may indicate it.

What you’ll make: $71K

Job growth: 6%

Similar job titles: CDL A truck driver, driver, company driver, light truck/delivery driver

Find tractor-trailer truck driver jobs on Monster.


Registered nurse

What you’ll do: Registered nurses (RN) provide medical care, treatment, and emotional support to patients and their families. You may work in a hospital, school, clinic, or a doctor’s office under the supervision of a physician or other specialist. Some RNs specialize in emergency room work or treatment for a particular condition or disease, and others specialize in working with specific patient groups such as infants or the elderly.

What you’ll need: Registered nurses usually take one of three education paths: a bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN), an associate degree in nursing (ADN), or a diploma from an approved nursing program. RNs must have a license from the state in which you’ll be practicing.

What you’ll make: $70K

Job growth: 15%

Similar job titles: intensive/critical care nurse, nursing manager, clinical case manager, travel registered nurse

Find registered nurse jobs on Monster.


Systems analyst

What you’ll do: As a systems analyst, you’ll review the overall information processing needs of a business or organization to help it plan and build computer networks, acquire the right software, and test systems for accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use.

What you’ll need: Most jobs require a bachelor’s degree in computer or information sciences, but some employers may be open to different education programs in conjunction with IT or computer programming skills.

What you’ll make: $84K

Job growth: 9%

Similar job titles: business systems analyst, IT business analyst, technology consultant, business intelligence analyst

Find systems analyst jobs on Monster.



Top cities

With the continued growth of tech, you were probably expecting to find San Francisco near the top of the list. Guess again. San Fran didn’t even crack the top 10. Neither did Los Angeles. And we had to say goodbye to Philadelphia this year to make room for some newbies such as Phoenix, Saint Louis, and Charlotte, North Carolina. As surprising as the list appears, it can be summed up in two words: health care.

The jobs juggernaut that is the health care industry keeps getting stronger. That’s a good thing for job seekers in mid-size and smaller-jobs markets (hello, Saint Louis!). And not all health care jobs are medical. There are tons of tech, customer service, and accounting jobs at health care companies, increasing opportunities for more candidates.

Check out the list of top cities and the current job openings in each on Monster.

New York






Washington, DC

Saint Louis

Charlotte, North Carolina


Top companies

Each week, we compile a list of the top 100 companies hiring on Monster, and we very cleverly call it the Monster 100. For those of you who check it out each week, you’ll be familiar with some of these companies. They’ve been powerhouses of hiring the past six months and have earned a spot on the top 10 companies with the most jobs on Monster.

Advantage Solutions Group, Inc., Business Services

Honeywell, Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing

Johnson Controls, Inc., Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Army, Defense

UPS, Logistics and Supply Chain

Mercy Health, Health care

Brookdale, Health care

Pfizer, Pharmaceuticals

NTT Data, IT

Walgreens, Retail



What’s ahead in 2019

Knowing what jobs are out there, where the jobs are, and who’s hiring are all critical steps in the job search process. But now it’s time to put yourself out there and get some exposure. Need some help with that? Join Monster for free today. As a member, you not only get job alerts emailed right to your inbox, which cuts down on the amount of time you’d spend combing through ads, but you can also upload up to five versions of your resume—each tailored to different types of jobs that interest you. Recruiters search Monster every day looking to fill top positions with qualified candidates, just like you.