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Odd Jobs: 5 Unique Careers You Didn't Know Existed

"There are some crazy, unique, jobs that your major may have prepared you for, even if unwittingly"

Odd Jobs: 5 Unique Careers You Didn't Know Existed

Here’s something to consider next time you feel down about where you are in your career: Your college degree likely qualifies you for more jobs than you even know exist. Seriously. There are some crazy, unique, jobs that your major may have prepared you for, even if unwittingly. So consider this a call to further research the industries that thrive with grads from your field of study. And let this serve as a glimpse at a few to get your creative juices flowing.

Information Security Consultant

Sounds kind of boring, right? NOPE. Businesses hire these people to break into their buildings and steal things as a way to test their security. So you can essentially live out your wildest ‘Oceans 11’-esque criminal fantasy without actually having to commit a crime (which, this of course should go without saying, you should not do!). It could be a job for those of you with a degree in information management. For additional info, read this interesting question and answer session with someone who does it for a living at hospitals. IT security consultants earn an average salary of $81,089 annually. 

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Trail Steward

If you love the outdoors, this may be an ideal job for you. As a trail steward, you’d get paid to maintain and preserve the trails the trails of America – even in nature, beauty must be maintained. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, duties include keeping clear the walking paths, maintaining dams, ditches and other water reservoirs and removing fallen trees. Beats the office. It’s a great position for people who study government affairs, but prefer the stars to the state house. 

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Technical Illustrator

Are you the type to doodle throughout the day? This may be a perfect gig for you former art students. As a technical illustrator, you’ll draw up the images that accompany instruction booklets and manuals to convey direction. You won’t likely produce the next Sistine Chapel here, but the job allows you to monetize your artistic talents, which is rare. (Bonus: so long as there is new technology, there will also be demand for tech writers.) Technical illustrators earn an average $20.73 per hour. Washington's Department of Natural Resources pays this position in the $34K to $44K range.

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Menu Engineer

Menus are so much more than mere lists of food and drinks at restaurants. The way they’re presented is calculated to increase profitability. You need to consider how the options are presented, in what order, and how you list the pricing. It requires a deep understanding of both consumer psychology and marketing. Having a grasp on graphic design certainly helps here too, making it an interesting field conducive to a wide range of degree holders. According to The Business Journals, menu engineers can earn up to $200,000 annually when working independently. 

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Fashion Merchant

Have you ever wondered how clothing companies get their ideas for product lines? Fashion is far from random. No, many major retailers have merchants that they send to various fashion weeks to spot emerging trends, materials and a wide range of other considerations. It’s not unreasonable to say they very literally play a big role in driving what’s popular (so, depending on how you feel about skinny jeans, you very well may have them to thank or blame). It’s a good gig for the fashion major shopaholics among us. Associate merchants earn an average salary of $52,673 annually. 

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Note: Salary information is based on PayScale survey data. 

Monster Wants to Know: What are some unique jobs you've worked in the past? Share with us in the comment section.

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