Top 10 companies for pride in work

You deserve to be surrounded by people who value their work as much as you do. Our exclusive Monster•kununu Workplace Happiness Index ranks U.S. companies that employees are proud to work for.

Top 10 companies for pride in work

Collaborating at work is usually a good thing. In fact, there are certain industries where it’s very common.

However, for some people, the very thought of working with another person is enough to make you want to run for the hills. That’s probably because their co-workers just don’t put the same amount of value into their work as you do—and you deserve to be surrounded by people who take pride in their work.

In a recent poll, Monster asked our users to rank the most important workplace factors, aside from salary. The results showed that many are looking for work they can be proud of, with 20% saying it’s the most important workplace factor.

Then we took this data a step further, and worked with our partners at employer-review site kununu to create the first ever Monster•kununu Workplace Happiness Index. Using kununu’s 18 key dimensions of workplace satisfaction, we identified the companies with the highest overall level of pride. Then, through an exclusive Monster analysis of data from the TalentNeuron tool from insights and technology company CEB we culled job-market analysis on hiring history at these companies, and matched it with job listings on Monster.

The winners run the gamut from retail companies to fast food. But don’t just take from us that these are great companies to work for. Take it from the people who know the best: current and former employees who left reviews on kununu’s site. See if you too would be proud to work at one of the companies below.

1.OMNI Systems

Corporate headquarters: Richmond Heights, Ohio

What they do: OMNI Systems is one of the largest, privately owned label converters in the U.S.

Number of jobs in 2017: 5

Frequently hiring for: Printing press operators, business development sales executives

Why they’re on the list: Reviewers say, “All Omni employees are held to the highest standard of quality.” That might sound a bit intimidating to some, but employees at the company say that “to know that level of quality is being produced and delivered on time, every time is very rewarding.”

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2. United States Marine Corps

Corporate headquarters: Arlington, Virginia

What they do: A branch of the United States military, the Marines are uniquely responsible for conducting air, ground, and amphibious operations.

Number of jobs in 2017: 2,179

Frequently hiring for: Social service assistants, computer user support specialists, information security analysts

Why they’re on the list: You know the iconic slogan: “The few, the proud,” as there are countless reasons why people are proud to be Marines. For one—and it’s a big one—they defend the country and risk their lives every day. According to their website, “Every Marine in the Corps must be confident in the abilities of themselves—and each other.” And that means taking pride in your work.

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3. United States Army 

Corporate headquarters: Washington, D.C.

What they do: A branch of the United States military, the Army provides prompt, sustained land dominance.

Number of jobs in 2017: 64

Frequently hiring for: Registered nurses, computer user support specialists, psychologists, physicians

Why they’re on the list: If defending the country wasn’t reason enough to take pride in your work, reviewers say, “The Army is very challenging, but it is just as rewarding.” Working here is “one of the hardest jobs on the planet,” as you “have to make very quick choices” and “put yourself in danger for people you don’t know,” but you “can a attain a rewarding feeling of pride.”

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4. Proctor & Gamble

Corporate headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

What they do: Procter & Gamble is a manufacturer of family, personal, and household care products.

Number of jobs in 2017: 1,085

Frequently hiring for: Industrial engineers, sales managers, sales representatives, market research analysts

Why they’re on the list: Employees at P&G find the work very rewarding. Reviewers say, “The job is very physically and mentally challenging,” but that’s what makes them “very proud” of the work they do.

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5. Progressive Insurance

Corporate headquarters: Mayfield, Ohio

What they do: One of the largest auto insurers in the U.S., Progressive also insures homes, boats, motorcycles, and RVs.

Number of jobs in 2017: 1,803

Frequently hiring for: Claims adjusters, customer service representatives, lawyers, paralegals, insurance sales agents

Why they’re on the list: Progressive made our list because reviewers say working here is “so challenging!” But that’s what they love about working here. One employee recalled how “we had tough goals, but we were allowed to go about them however we needed to. We were able to cross-train and work with many, many other groups and people. Deadlines were tough, and quality assurance goals were super high, but everyone gave it their all.”

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6. Delta Air Lines

Corporate headquarters: Atlanta

What they do: Delta is the second largest U.S. airline.

Number of jobs in 2017: 1,984

Frequently hiring for: Reservation and ticket agents, marketing managers, customer service agents

Why they’re on the list: At Delta, it’s their employees’ dedication that makes the company so great. According to the company’s website, “Through the hard work of Delta people, our airline is strong, with a bright future.” One reviewer even said, “Being a flight attendant is challenging every day. You never know what to expect, but that is what makes it fun.”

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7. Aldi

Corporate headquarters: Batavia, Illinois

What they do: Aldi is a discount grocery chain, with 24 divisions across the country, primarily located in the Eastern half of the U.S.

Number of jobs in 2017: 2,862

Frequently hiring for: Store associates, store managers, corporate buying, warehouse associates

Why they’re on the list: Employees at Aldi find the work very rewarding. Reviewers say, “The job is very physical in nature and requires you to be able to multitask efficiently, but at the end of the day, [you] always feel proud of [your] work.”

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Corporate headquarters: San Antonio, Texas

What they do: The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a diversified financial services group of companies that provides insurance to people and families that serve, or served, in the military.

Number of jobs in 2017: 2,907

Frequently hiring for: IT systems analysts, software developers, insurance adjusters, auditors

Why they’re on the list: Reviewers say you are “always learning” at USAA. While the work might not be easy, employees here really believe in the company’s mission and take pride in the work they do. As one reviewer put it, “This is absolutely a challenging place to work at, but it is very rewarding, and what we do makes a difference.”

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9. Wawa

Corporate headquarters: Media, Pennsylvania

What they do: Wawa operates convenience retail stores in six states plus the District of Columbia.

Number of jobs in 2017: 970

Frequently hiring for: customer service associates, night supervisors

Why they’re on the list: According to the company’s website, “Wawa has a strong tradition of creating a culture of celebration and recognition, driven by the high priority we place on valuing our associates.” Reviewers say, “There’s always something to do” at Wawa, which is good because when you work for a company that sees the value in what you do, it’s easy to take pride in it.

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10. Allstate Insurance

Corporate headquarters: Northbrook, Illinois

What they do: Allstate is the largest publicly held homeowners insurance company.

Number of jobs in 2017: 5,531

Frequently hiring for: Sales representatives, personal finance representatives, casualty adjusters

Why they’re on the list: At Allstate, reviewers say that workers are “always pushed to do better and achieve realistic goals.” It may be “challenging work,” but at least it’s “always interesting,” and that’s why they’re so proud to work there.

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The Monster•kununu Workplace Happiness Index includes industry data provided by kununu from August 2016 to July 2017. Reviews on kununu are broken down into 18 key dimensions of workplace satisfaction with each dimension assigned a star rating. The above information takes into account the average of those ratings over a 12-month period. Only companies with a minimum of 15 reviews were considered.

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