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Jobs that let you rub elbows with the rich and famous

Behind every A-lister, there's a variety of hard-working people who got them there.

Jobs that let you rub elbows with the rich and famous

In these jobs, you might cross paths with lots of VIP types.

During awards season, it’s only natural to wonder what life on the A-list is like. Alas, not everyone’s career path comes with a red carpet. But if you’ve got Champagne taste and a Coca-Cola budget, the next-best thing might be to score a job where you’re likely to cross paths with lots of VIP types.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and, Monster found 10 jobs where you could find yourself rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

Camera operator

What you’d do: As their name implies, camera operators shoot scenes for TV, film, and video. They work with directors, producers, and talent to compose and frame shots. Basically, they’re the humans behind the “camera” in “Lights! Camera! Action!”
What you’d need: Knowledge of professional video cameras, lenses, and other related equipment is expected. Prior experience operating professional cameras is often required.
What you’d make: $59,040 per year

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What you’d do: Jet-setting clients hop in and out of luxury cars, going from one exclusive event to another, from fundraisers to grand openings to meetings to parties. And you know they’re not driving themselves—that’s your job.
What you’d need: A valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and a great deal of discretion.
What you’d make: $24,300 per year

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What you’d do: Concierges welcome the guests at luxury hotel or residents of high-end apartment buildings, and provide hospitality services, which can mean anything from making reservations to arranging transportation and special requests.
What you’d need: A high school diploma and experience in customer service.
What you’d make: $29,250 per year

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Makeup artist

What you’d do: Maybe they’re born with it, but most likely, the beautiful people look that way because a makeup artist worked their magic.
What you’d need: Certification from a cosmetology program will help get you through the door.
What you’d make: $23,710 per year

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Personal assistant

What you’d do: What won’t you do? You’re looking to make life easier for your client by handling anything that he or she doesn’t have time to do (or doesn’t enjoy doing). Common tasks include managing correspondence, making reservations, running errands, and researching travel arrangements.
What you’d need: Some assistants have a background in a service industry, such as travel. More important, you’ll need to be friendly, organized, and efficient—and know how to keep a secret.
What you’d make: $39,356 per year

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Personal shopper

What you’d do: Like a personal assistant, personal shoppers are responsible for doing tasks that their client is too busy to do himself or herself. In this case, researching and purchasing a variety of items for their boss’s personal life. For example, you may be asked to find a gift for your client’s mother, a new refrigerator for the summer home, or an entirely new wardrobe.
What you’d need: Good communication, budgeting, and technology skills, and a vast knowledge of fashion trends and luxury retail options.
What you’d make: $36,174 per year

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Personal trainer

What you’d do: When you’re in the public eye, you need to look good. Personal trainers whip their clients into great shape by recommending a workout regime and helping them follow it. Some trainers work in gyms; others visit clients in their homes.
What you’d need: Certification through an accredited program, such as NASM. A degree in nutrition or kinesiology might be helpful too.
What you’d make: $38,160 per year

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Public relations specialist

What you’d do: A PR person’s job is to get the word out about their clients, whether that client is launching a fashion line, starring in a new movie, or kicking off a concert tour. You compose press releases and arrange media appearances and interviews with your client. And if your client is of a more notorious nature, you’ll be responsible for issuing public statements to the media and helping manage potentially embarrassing crises.
What you’d need: A bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, journalism, or a related field is often the minimum.
What you’d make: $58,020 per year

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Security guard

What you’d do: Unfortunately, having plenty of wealth and fame can put one’s safety at risk, even more so during public appearances. Security guards are hired to protect clients from physical harm, as well as from the hordes of overeager fans seeking selfies.
What you’d need: A high school diploma is usually required, and you may to register with the state, especially if you carry a firearm. Not surprising, many personal security officers (a.k.a. bodyguards) have a background in the military or law enforcement.
What you’d make: $25,840 per year

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What you’d do: Behind the scenes of any production, concert, or TV show, you’ll find stagehands loading in equipment, setting up stages, hanging banners, arranging catering, helping the audio and lighting crews, dismantling sets at the end of the night, and plenty more. It’s not as glamorous as being center stage, but the show couldn’t go on without them.
What you’d need: A high school diploma is often necessary, and you must also be in good shape, as this is a physically demanding job.
What you’d make: $50,794 per year

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