7 Top Industries for Worker Satisfaction

7 Top Industries for Worker Satisfaction

7 Top Industries for Worker Satisfaction

By Catherine Conlan
Monster Contributing Writer
Looking for a satisfying job? Rasmussen College recently surveyed more than 2,000 employees from a wide variety of industries and identified which ones produce the most satisfied workers.
Here’s some information on the top seven.

1. Wholesale Trade
87 Percent of Employees Reported Being Satisfied

People in these positions work with supply chains and may earn a commission for their sales work. “People enjoy working in the wholesale industry because it usually involves interacting with clients the wholesaler has a long-standing business relationship with,” says Tamryn Hennessy, vice president of career services at Rasmussen College. “Transactions are personal because you are working with the same people over time.” Additionally, the wide range of roles and positions in the industry make it easy for people to find positions that work for them.

2. Legal Services
83 Percent of Employees Reported Being Satisfied
Working with the law can be financially rewarding, but it’s also personally fulfilling, Hennessy says. “People enjoy working in the legal industry because they want to contribute to the justice system. Whether you are a lawyer representing a corporation or a paralegal assisting abused women and children, the fundamental purpose of the legal profession is to help others solve their legal problems.”
Diane Araujo Vidal is an attorney with New Jersey family law firm Iandoli & Edens LLC. She says the people she works with are one of the best things about her job. “I am fortunate enough to work with professionals who are not only smart, experienced and independent, they're down-right hilarious,” she says. Also, family law is “never a bore.”

3. Hospitality
83 Percent of Employees Reported Being Satisfied
The hospitality industry includes hotel and restaurant employees. Tom Clarke worked in hospitality for years before becoming a professional photographer. “What I loved most about waiting tables and tending bar was the feeling that I was part of a grand sociology experiment,” Clarke says. “Every table, every guest, was an exercise in reading people and non-verbal communication.”
4. Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
82 Percent of Employees Reported Being Satisfied

The “do what you love” approach to career-building can deliver some high-level satisfaction, according to this survey. “How do I love my job, let me count the ways!” says Clarke about his current career. “Every day is like going to art class. There are so many challenges and so few solutions, it's incredibly rewarding to create engaging imagery.”
Glamour and travel can be a big part of a career in these industries, too. Dan Nainan was a senior engineer with Intel Corp., then took a comedy class to get over the fear of public speaking. He says he has performed in 22 countries for a wide range of luminaries. “What do I love about my job? The world travel on someone else's dime -- essentially, I am a paid tourist.”

5. Banking/Finance/ Insurance/Accounting
79 Percent of Employees Reported Being Satisfied
Employees in this service industry do their best to help their employees solve problems. “I love working with families achieve their financial dreams,” says John Bustrum, CEO and founder of My403bCoach.com, which helps educators with financial management. “I love helping families prepare for their financial futures and at the same time protect their hard earned savings.”
Bustrum says the work is challenging, but interesting. “There is probably no greater joy than showing a first-year educator that if they stay in their career for 30 years that their retirement years can be amazing.”

6. Government and Civil Service
79 Percent of Employees Reported Being Satisfied
Employees in the public sector are often solving problems for people, and report high levels of satisfaction. “I love it,” says Donitta Booth, direct services manager at the Mid-Columbia Council of Governments, where she manages and runs the JOBS program for a rural area in Oregon, helping people find jobs.
“I love the job because I get to help people and make a difference in people's lives -- not just the client's life, but their family,” she explains. “I love the organization I work for because they have the best interest of clients and the best interest of staff in mind and it shows through all of their decisions.”

7. Business/Professional Services/Management Consultancy
77 Percent of Employees Reported Being Satisfied
Working in business can be rewarding, especially if you’re running your own consultancy. Amer Gozdanic, vice president of marketing at Optyn, which helps small businesses with email campaigns. He says being a business consultant brings him into contact with a wide variety of businesses, business models and management styles.
“The education that comes along in regards of each industry is amazing,” he says. In addition, he enjoys helping people. “With my position, I help small business grow, expand and reach their goals.”