5 fast-growing jobs you’ve probably never heard of

It could literally pay to find out more about these promising careers.

5 fast-growing jobs you’ve probably never heard of

The future looks bright for these jobs.

If you skim a list of the fastest-growing jobs for the years ahead, you’ll likely see a roll call of the usual suspects like software developer and nurse practitioner. But what if you’re looking for a job that’s a bit off the beaten path—something that will make people lean in and say, “Wait, you do what?”

Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupation Finder, Monster tracked down five rising, not-so-familiar jobs with salaries that will pique your interest. All of these jobs are expected to grow faster than the BLS’ overall projection of a 6.5% increase for U.S. jobs between 2018 and 2028. Get ahead of the curve while you can.

Solar photovoltaic installers

Projected 2018–2028 growth: 63%
Projected new jobs between 2018 and 2028: 5,000 to 9,999
Education/training: High-school diploma or equivalent. On-the-job training usually lasts for one year.
Median pay: $42,680 per year

Two of the fastest-growing jobs on this list are in meant to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Solar power is heating up, no pun intended. In terms of clean, renewable sources of energy, the sun is a great provider. Solar photovoltaic installers measure, cut, install, activate, and maintain solar panels on rooftops and other structures. 

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Wind turbine technician

Projected 2018–2028 growth: 57%
Projected new jobs between 2018 and 2028: 3,800
Education/training: Some college expected, but a bachelor’s degree isn’t required. Long-term on-the-job training applies.
Median pay: $54,370 per year

With a projected growth of a whopping 57%, wind turbine technicians (also known as windtechs) are on the forefront of the jobs future. Wind power is a fast-growing alternative-energy option, and that means there will be a huge demand for people who maintain and repair the turbines that serve as those towers of power.

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Operations research analyst

Projected 2018–2028 growth: 26%
Projected new jobs between 2018 and 2028: 28,100
Education/training: Bachelor’s degree is a minimum, typically in a technical field such as engineering or mathematics; an advanced degree may be expected.
Median pay: $83,390 per year

Numbers geeks, your time is now. Operations research analysts are dedicated problem solvers that use advanced math and analytical methods to come up with practical solutions to complex problems in businesses ranging from health care to sales and everything in between.

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Projected 2018–2028 growth: 15%
Projected new jobs between 2018 and 2028: 1,700
Education/training: Bachelor’s degree in a field such as geomatics, cartography or geography is required.
Median pay: $64,430 per year

Photogrammetrists take the details of photographs—usually from satellites or airplanes—and use them to make specialized maps. The job requires an eye for details and deep tech skills, as almost all maps are now electronic and optimized for mobile. (And you’ll probably need to practice saying “photogrammetrist.”)

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Technical writers

Projected 2018–2028 growth: 8%
Projected new jobs between 2018 and 2028: 4,700
Education/training: A bachelor’s degree is typically expected, along with expertise on the subject area that’s being explained.
Median pay: $71,850 per year

Think of all the cool, new tech gizmos that are released to the public every year. Now think of how users learn how to operate those gizmos. Technical writers translate complicated subjects for more general audiences, and it’s a job that’s been heating up for some time. A day on the job might include writing instruction manuals for software products or drafting journal articles to explain scientific research.

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