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Long Beach, CA Employment Information

Long Beach, California Overview Founded in 1888, originally as a seaside resort, Long Beach, California today is home ...

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Long Beach, California Overview

Founded in 1888, originally as a seaside resort, Long Beach, California today is home to 462,257 residents, making it the seventh largest city in the state, and it is part of the Greater Los Angeles area, which has a population of 16.37 million. The city is famous for it's vast water sports scene including water skiing, surfing, boating and parasailing, which is why it is known as "The Aquatic Capital of America". Also, due to the proximity to Los Angeles, Long Beach is known for it's role in many famous movies including American Pie, Coach Carter, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Gone in 60 Seconds and Speed, as well as television shows such as Dexter, CSI: Miami and Joan of Arcadia. Music is also a large part of local culture, and artists from the city include Sublime, Snoop Dogg, Warren G and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

The cost of living in Long Beach is 16.4 percent greater than the national average, but 8.1 percent less than the state average. Goods and services, groceries, healthcare, housing, transportation, and utilities are all well above the national cost of living indices, yet below the state indices. The median household income is $52,900, while the median home price is $441,600. Rental prices average $1,070 a month.

Long Beach Job Opportunities

Long Beach has a highly diversified local economy with industries such as education, healthcare, aeronautics, government, automotive and electronic component manufacturing and communications all providing Long Beach jobs. The Long Beach Unified School District is the largest employer in the city with over 11,000 employees, and along with Long Beach State University and Long Beach City College, it provides a large amount of education jobs in Long Beach.

Other large employers for Long Beach, CA jobs are Boeing and Gulf Stream Aerospace, which specialize in aeronautical technology, and Denso, Epson and TABC, all of which are manufacturers of electronic and automotive parts. Healthcare also plays a vital role in the marketplace with several large hospitals including Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, VA Long Beach Healthcare System, St. Mary Medical Center and Pacific Hospital of Long Beach that hire a combined 10,000 workers. For those looking to live the fast-paced city life, check out Los Angeles jobs.

Long Beach Employment Trends

The current unemployment rate in Long Beach is 9.6 percent, which is 3.4 percent of the national rate and 2.2 percent above the state average. The growth rate for jobs in Long Beach, CA is 2.5 percent, and the expected rate of growth is 3.6 percent annually over the next 10 years. Search Long Beach jobs today for a perfect fit.

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