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Starbucks Coffee

Saranac Lake, NY

1 day ago
Lead Barista

Castle Rock Asset Hospitality Management LLC

Nashville, TN

10 days ago

Eisenhower Health

Rancho Mirage, CA

9 days ago
HOST and possibe crossover into BARISTA needed for busy uptown manhattan eateries

alice's tea cup

$15 - $17 / Per hour


6 days ago
Overeasy - Barista


Dallas, TX

7 days ago

Mustard Seed Health Food Market, Inc.

Akron - Highland Square, OH

8 days ago
Barista *$250 Signing Bonus*

Mercurys Coffee Co

Bellevue, WA

7 days ago

Nine Line Apparel


13 days ago
Runaway Luna Lifestyle - Barista

Runaway Luna Lifestyle

Bee Cave, TX

5 days ago

Barista Jobs Overview

The invention of the espresso machine transformed coffee from a drink into a culture. It also complicated coffee-making, planting the seeds for the barista. Cafés hire qualified candidates for barista jobs to ensure that customers can enjoy espresso drinks without having their own machine at home. Baristas add joy to people's days by working at a place that helps people connect and energize, and sometimes, by adding a bit of latte art to someone's drink.

Baristas use espresso machines and other equipment to make coffee drinks. They know a multitude of recipes and preparation techniques. They are not only experts on coffee, but also on the machines and equipment and may perform simple cleaning, maintenance, and repair tasks. A busy barista may focus on making drinks, restocking supplies, and helping customers. At some workplaces, they also help with other tasks, such as operating the cash register and preparing food orders.

If you like multitasking, working in a fast-paced environment, and helping customers, you might enjoy working as a barista. This job also tends to offer a flexible schedule without requiring a college degree.

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Barista Training and Skills

You don't need a degree to become a barista—you can learn everything you need on the job. Some places will require previous experience, but large coffee chains often have their own training programs. Work experience at a cash register can be helpful, since some baristas also take orders.

Most likely, a company hiring a barista will value your personal skills more than your experience. Having a customer-oriented and positive attitude is key to landing this job. To be successful as a barista, you also need a great memory and attention to detail to memorize customer orders and drink recipes. You can learn more about working as a barista in Monster's job description for a barista and our article on how to become a barista.

Several organizations offer barista certifications. While you don't need one to work as a barista, a certification may help you negotiate a better salary or advance to a position with more responsibility, such as lead barista. The most common certifications are from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and the International Barista Coffee Academy (IBCA).

Update Your Barista Resume

Be as specific as you can in your resume and cover letter to make an impression on hiring managers. If you've worked as a barista before, specify what training you had, what the classes covered, and what techniques you learned. If you have other experience in the food or customer service industry, be sure to mention any awards or certifications you've received. View our barista cover letter and barista resume for some examples of what to include.

Interviewing for a Barista Job

Got pre-interview jitters? The best way to appear calm and relaxed during your interview is to prepare in advance. A new barista will get on-the-job training, but to help you land that first job, take a few minutes to review some coffee basics—read about coffee bean varieties, roasts, brewing methods, and the components of different espresso drinks. Although each espresso machine is different, you can also watch YouTube videos to learn a few basics.

It's always a good idea to research the company you're interviewing with as well, in addition to preparing answers to common interview questions.

How Much Do Barista Jobs Pay?

The median hourly wage of a U.S barista is $11.57 an hour. Want to find out what you might earn? Use Monster's Salary Tools to search for the average income in your area.

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Do you already know where you want to work? Search our company profiles to learn more about the business and find job openings in your area. Some employers also have photos and videos where you can learn about the company culture before you apply or accept a job offer.

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