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Assistant Project Manager | Construction

Michael Page

Minneapolis, MN

30+ days ago
Remote Tax Associate - Seasonal


Muncie, IN

30+ days ago
Senior Sales Representative - Biotech


Bellevue, WA

2 days ago
Sr. Sales Representative


Renton, WA

2 days ago
Director of Nursing DON

Brian Center Health & Retirement/Cabarrus

Concord, NC

4 days ago
Director of Nursing DON

Frederick Health and Rehabilitation Center

Frederick, MD

4 days ago
Lead Information Security Engineer - Broomfield, CO / St Paul, MN / Herndon, VA

Lumen Technologies, Inc


2 days ago
Director of Nursing DON

Dunwoody Health and Rehabilitation Center

Atlanta, GA

7 days ago
Director of Nursing DON

Bastrop Nursing Center

Bastrop, TX

6 days ago
Director of Nursing DON

Haywood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Waynesville, NC

15 days ago

Federal Government Jobs Overview

How would you like a job that allows you to make a difference in your fellow Americans' lives while you do what you love? Now, think of any job title, and chances are, you can find that exact position in the federal government. When you work for the government, you can fulfill your career goals while helping to improve the lives of Americans. Federal government jobs also give you valuable experience, opportunities for education and advancement, a competitive salary, and outstanding benefits. The federal government is the largest employer in the U.S. and provides more than 2 million jobs in 350 occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Most federal government jobs in the U.S. are in the executive branch of the government, which has departments that oversee all the government's services, from agriculture to the treasury to education. For example, if you are a statistician, you could work for the Bureau of Labor Statistics within the Department of Labor or the Census Bureau within the Department of Commerce. A physician could work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention within the Department of Health and Human Services. A lawyer could work at the U.S. Copyright Office, which is within the Library of Congress, an agency of the legislative branch.

You can also try looking for other administrative jobs or expanding your job search using similar job categories, such as:

Federal Government Worker Education and Skills

The federal government hires employees with all levels of education, from high school diplomas to advanced university degrees. The Office of Personnel Management sets a general schedule of job classifications based on education level. Some jobs require a certain level of education but not in any particular field of study. Other positions require education in a specific study area.

Overall, the federal government looks for employees who have the ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, excel at teamwork, are adaptable, think strategically, maintain confidentiality when needed, and can help to solve problems and overcome obstacles.

Update Your Federal Government Worker Resume

You know you need a professional resume and cover letter to apply for any job within the federal government. Sitting in front of a blinking cursor on a blank page? Check out our resume tips for government job seekers to help you get started. Then, take a look at these cover letter tips and cover letter templates on Monster. These resources can help you put together a package to represent yourself in the best light when applying for a government job.

Interviewing for a Federal Government Job

All interviews for federal government jobs follow a behavior-based interview model where you'll be asked to give examples of prior work situations that demonstrated a particular behavior or skill. But there's no need to panic. Monster can help you prepare for that all-important job interview. Read more about how to interview for a federal job in Monster's article, Seven Tips for Successful Federal Interviews.

How Much Do Federal Government Jobs Pay?

The government classifies federal jobs under six categories: administrative, professional, technical, blue collar, clerical, and other white collar/unspecified. According to the BLS, pay for government jobs ranges from $9.18/hour for a fast food cook to more than $200,000 a year for a surgeon. You can compare the median salary for any federal government occupation using figures from the Office of Personnel Management to private sector salaries using Monster's Salary Tools. For example, a microbiologist makes a mean wage of $119,860 a year in the federal government and a median of $54,217 a year in the private sector.

Start Your Search for Federal Government Jobs

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