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Information Technology Job Overview Information Technology is the use of computers, telecommunications equipment and ...

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Information Technology Job Overview

Information Technology is the use of computers, telecommunications equipment and other devices to use, transmit, store and access data. Professionals in the field must often apply known concepts to the unique purposes of their employer. Information Technology jobs are present in almost every organization because IT plays a fundamental support role that applies to all types of businesses. Due to the many domains in which these positions are required, IT continues to be one of the fastest-growing and widely available technology-oriented careers, and it offers opportunities that range from entry-level to professional degrees.

Information Technology Job Education Requirements

A basic IT position, such as a Computer Support Technician, requires a strong foundation in computers, electronics and sometimes telecommunications. The entry-level versions of these positions often only require a high school degree or some college education. An advanced IT position, such as an Information Architect, will require strong skills in mathematics and engineering. A bachelor's degree is usually a minimum requirement. Many positions require various certifications. In addition, it is common for IT professionals to be educated within the domain that they support.

Information Technology Job Market

Information Technology is a healthy field that is projected to grow at an annual rate of 4 percent each year, which amounts to approximately 4,000 new entry-level positions created annually. As an industry, the federal executive branch is the largest employer of IT professionals. Other prominent industries include computer system design firms, universities and other educational institutions, and insurance carriers and organizational management, which accounts for both in-house and outsourced IT departments. Due to the dispersed nature of the industries that drive the IT job market, positions ranging from entry-level to the highest levels of the field are available throughout the country.

Information Technology Job Salary Information

The national median salary for computer professionals is $39.59 an hour or $82,340 annually. The difference between the national median and the highest state median is less than $2 an hour. The lowest percentile earns $45,090 annually, and the highest earns $121,200.

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