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Mobile Applications Developer Jobs

Applications Developer


Birmingham, AL

1 day ago
IOS and Android Mobile Developer

Randstad US

Boston, MA

Lead Software Developer (Mobile Apps)- Remote

Lumen Technologies, Inc


6 days ago
iOS Mobile Applications Developer

Canfield Scientific, Inc.

Troy Hills, NJ

1 day ago
Mobile Application Developer w/Xamarin

DSS, Inc.

$90000 - $115000 / Per year

Juno Beach, FL

1 day ago
Applications Engineer

Altec Industries, Inc.

Elizabethtown, KY

30+ days ago
Applications Engineer

Blasch Precision Ceramics

Albany, NY

5 days ago
Mobile Developer - Swift, Objective C, Java


Atlanta, GA

Sr. Application Developer


Springfield, IL

6 days ago

Mobile Applications Developer Jobs Overview

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that jobs in software development, quality assurance analysis, and testing will see 22% growth over the next 10 years. This is much higher than the estimated growth in other occupations. It’s especially impressive when you consider that nearly two million jobs in this category already exist. Mobile applications developer jobs are a subset of software development, and experts are tagging mobile app development as a lucrative career path.

A software developer who specializes in mobile apps first analyzes user needs. The next step is to create models and diagrams for programmers to use as blueprints to write code. The developer then works with quality assurance analysts and testers to roll out the finished app.

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Mobile Applications Developer Education and Skills

A mobile applications developer needs a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or IT, although employers may prefer a master’s degree. Some colleges and universities offer majors in software development with a mobile development track. Traditional software developers who want to transition to mobile app development can attend Mobile Coding Bootcamps to get up to speed quickly.

A software applications developer curriculum includes:

  • project management
  • programming
  • cloud solutions
  • logic and design
  • mobile app development

To develop mobile apps, these are some of the additional courses needed:

  • fundamentals of UX/UI design
  • data storage using Parse
  • iOS and Android architecture and mobile development
  • Objective-C and Swift programming languages
  • frameworks like Cocoa, Xcode, and UIkit
  • view controllers and table view

Along with education, soft skills that are beneficial for a mobile applications developer include analytical and problem-solving skills, communication and interpersonal skills, creativity, and detail orientation. Learn more about how to become a mobile applications developer here.

Update Your Mobile Applications Developer Resume

When you apply for a mobile applications developer job, your resume needs to scream, “I am an app expert!” To get started, take a look at a sample software developer resume. Then, check out Monster’s library of additional resume writing tips. One that’s particularly applicable to mobile app development talks about including relevant coursework on your resume.

But your resume is not the end of the story. The first thing a hiring manager often sees is the cover letter that accompanies your resume. You can learn how to format and write an effective cover letter by browsing all the cover letter writing tips on Monster.

Interviewing for a Mobile Applications Developer Job

Are you ready to make a good impression during an interview? One way to pass with flying colors is to anticipate questions the hiring manager may ask you and formulate thoughtful answers. We’ve put together some of the most popular and the most bizarre questions from interviews to help you do just that.

How Much Do Mobile Applications Developer Jobs Pay?

According to Monster, the median pay for a mobile developer/engineer in the U.S. is $109,936. Monster’s Salary Tools will tell you what salary to expect in different parts of the U.S. You’ll also see the locations where mobile app developers are in high demand and salaries for related jobs.

Want to Learn More About a Company You’re Interested In?

It’s awful to start a new job and, in a few weeks, realize it’s not a good fit for what you want. Monster wants to help you research potential employers to make sure they’re what you’re looking for. Monster’s Company Profiles let you look up organizations to find out about:

  • company benefit programs
  • the size of the company
  • where the company is located
  • key projects

Get Moving on Finding Mobile Applications Developer Jobs

With just a few clicks on this page, you can look at the most current postings for mobile applications developer jobs. Take advantage of our advanced job search service by creating a profile on Monster. It will put your resume in front of recruiters and employers, and we’ll send job openings to you as they’re posted.