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Patient Care Technician Employment Information

Patient Technician Job Overview Patient technicians work closely in the care and treatment of patients in hospitals, ...

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Patient Technician Job Overview

Patient technicians work closely in the care and treatment of patients in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and other healthcare facilities. In this role, patient technicians work alongside other healthcare professionals, such as nurses, physicians, and X-Ray Technologists when providing care. The main job duties might include taking vital signs and assisting patients with basic functions such as eating, bathing and grooming. Another important role of the patient technician is keeping careful and complete records of the patient's treatment and progress. Since healthcare jobs are in such a stable career field, it is a great option for those who enjoy working with all types of patients.

Patient Technician Job Education Requirements

Most general patient technician positions require education through a community or technical college. After completing the courses in biology, nursing, human resuscitation, human anatomy, pharmacology and other related subjects, the program also includes hands-on training hours in a medical facility. Some patient technicians take courses to learn how to provide more specialized care, such as an education in radiology to work as an MRI technician. There is an option to take a National Certified Patient Care Technician exam, which opens doors for higher paying positions. In order to maintain the license, technicians must complete 14 hours of continuing education per year.

Patient Technician Job Market

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 21 percent growth of patient technician jobs in the United States in the next decade. This number is higher than the national average for job growth. The increased demand for healthcare services is partly due to new federal regulations, which have given more people health insurance benefits, as well as the aging population that is living longer and requiring medical care. Those who choose to take the national certification exam might be able to find jobs more easily, since more clinics and healthcare facilities are requiring this certification to qualify for jobs.

Patient Technician Job Salary Information

The median hourly wage for patient technician is $11.97, according to the BLS. There are opportunities for growth and advancement in the healthcare field for those who are willing and eager to learn more and earn more education. Those who want to go into the patient technician field should have strong organizational skills, be attentive and sympathetic to problems that patients will have, and pay close attention to detail, since they will work with medical records and documentation.

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