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Payroll Job Overview Those with an interest in working in payroll can choose from a variety of job opportunities. ...

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Payroll Job Overview

Those with an interest in working in payroll can choose from a variety of job opportunities. Payroll technicians and assistants work closely with other members of the payroll department to prepare documents, while payroll practitioners maintain records to make sure employees receive proper payment. There are several levels of payroll practitioner jobs, so those with more experience can qualify for level II or level III roles. Payroll managers oversee these staff members, while payroll tax accountants regularly perform audits of the payroll records to maintain the integrity of the company's pay practices.

Payroll Job Education Requirements

Most jobs within payroll departments require some type of formal education in accounting, such as an associate's degree or bachelor's degree. Entry level positions, such as payroll technicians and payroll assistants, may be able to find jobs that don't require a degree, but this is rare. Positions that don't require any formal education will usually expect additional experience in the payroll field. Those working as payroll managers, payroll directors or payroll accountants may also need masters' degrees as well. Many management positions require several years of experience in managing other personnel. Certifications may also aid in finding better job options.

Payroll Job Market

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that payroll jobs will grow by 13 percent between 2012 and 2022, which translates to 166,000 job openings during that time period. Since companies around the world seek qualified candidates with experience in payroll, this field offers stable and promising career options. Businesses receive heavy regulations from federal and local government entities, which means that they must be more careful than ever when paying employees and keeping their numbers transparent. Payroll jobs are a suitable career choice for candidates who enjoy working daily with reports and figures.

Payroll Job Salary Information

The salary range for jobs in payroll depends on the actual position in question. For example, an entry level job such as payroll assistant or payroll clerk paid a median salary of $34,160 in 2012. On the other hand, those working as payroll accountants earned a medians salary of $63,550 in the same year. Jobs that offer higher salaries typically involve managing other staff members, and will require that applicants have a degree and several years of experience. Payroll jobs offer a secure and enjoyable work atmosphere with plenty of room for growth and advancement.

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