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Private Security Jobs

Security Officer

Emergency Crime Prevention

$11 / HOUR

Atlanta, GA

12 days ago
Security Attendant

Great Wolf Lodge

Williamsburg, MI

13 days ago
Security Officer - Campus Security

Securitas Security Services

$16.25 / Per Hour

Helena, MT

5 days ago
Security Officer

Sunstates Security

$11 - $16 / Per Hour

Charlotte, NC

9 days ago
Site Security Officer

Bowhead / UIC Technical Services

Fort Gordon, GA

3 days ago
Security Officer

The College of Saint Rose

Albany, NY

17 days ago
Security Officer

Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services

$15 / Per Hour

Dallas, TX

4 days ago
Security Officer


Modesto, CA

Security Ranger (Part-Time)

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

$13.2 - $17 / Per Hour


18 days ago

Private Security Jobs Overview

Thwarting crime, cheaters, and vandalism, private security jobs are for those valiant souls with watchful eyes and protective spirits. Not only are there stable positions for security officers within retail operations, corporate buildings, private residences, event venues, and the bodyguard field, but additional opportunities are projected to open in casinos too (as more states legalize gambling). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for gambling surveillance officers and investigators should see a solid increase of over 6% over the next decade.

Private security guards don’t have the same purview and authority as sworn police officers who work for city or state, but this career will still have you monitoring grounds and cameras to ensure the safety of whomever or whatever you’re protecting. Daily duties may include:

  • Patrolling property vigilantly.
  • Providing or denying entry to authorized or unauthorized people.
  • Accompanying your employer to various destinations.
  • Making rounds to determine potential threats and check access points.
  • Detaining people who enter without authorization until the police arrive.

If your calling is marked by a strong sense of being a defender, you can also look into the many options you have within the broader category of protective services jobs. Or narrow down your search to the following related roles:

Private Security Guard Training and Skills

To be considered for most private security jobs, you should obtain a high school diploma or equivalent. You won’t need a college degree, but you’ll have to go through some training. Here are the general requirements for this field:

  • Be at least 18 years of age (or 21 if you want to work in a casino).
  • Pass a background check.
  • Pass a drug test (before employment, and possibly at random during employment too).
  • Obtain a license (depending on the state you’re working in). If your position requires that you carry a weapon, you’ll need to be licensed by the proper government agency.
  • Undergo a stricter screening process if you want to be an armed guard (such as deeper background, criminal, and fingerprint checks).

Most private employers will provide the appropriate training once you’re hired. Depending on the nature of the job, that may take a few weeks or several months for more intensive positions. On-the-job training should cover everything from crime prevention and emergency procedures to first aid, intercepting offenders, communication processes, and staving off a crisis. Of course, armed guards and casino security jobs will require extra training specific to those roles (such as firearms testing and recognizing cheating techniques, respectively).

In addition, having the skills below will help you succeed all-around:

  • Surveillance skills and attentiveness.
  • Observation and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to stay awake for extended periods (or during odd hours).
  • Good judgment.
  • Emotional control.
  • Reliability and integrity.
  • Safety-management and conflict-resolution skills.
  • Ability to clearly report incidents.
  • Ability to maintain discretion (if you’re protecting a celebrity or high-profile client).

Get an insider’s view with Monster’s security officer job description sample and this article on how to become a security guard.

Update Your Private Security Guard Resume

Before you start searching for private security jobs, you’ll need to fortify a resume that plays up your strengths in security and surveillance—and that reinforces what sets you apart from other candidates. Toughen it up by emphasizing relevant elements, such as a military or law enforcement background, along with any experience with patrolling methods, surveillance technology (such as CCTV systems), and threat assessments. Extras like criminal justice knowledge can only boost your attractiveness to recruiters.

For more suggestions, review Monster’s security guard resume sample, our pointers on how to write an effective objective, and this cover-letter example for security officers.

How Much Do Private Security Jobs Pay?

Salaries in the world of private security depend on the type of employer you’re working for. As an example, the median pay for a security officer is currently $13.74 per hour, but it can range between $11.65 and $19.21. More specifically, an armed security officer makes about $31,173 per year.

You can tailor your salary research to the area you’re in by making use of Monster’s convenient Salary Tools.

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