Security resume objective examples

Here is how to focus on certain skills in your security resume objective to make you stand out to potential employers.

Security resume objective examples

A solid resume should safeguard your place in the workforce. In the past decade or so, the resume objective has been mostly replaced by the career summary. However, objectives are often helpful in touting your skills and abilities as you look for security guard jobs. If it's a challenge to condense your skills into a single sentence, these tips and examples can help.

Creating a security guard/officer resume objective

Before you begin the task of constructing your security guard resume objective, write down all your skills, education, and certifications, as these can help you choose what to highlight. Also include any police or military training, as these instantly show aptitude for handling firearms and dealing with trespassers.

Entry-level and experienced security guard/officer resume objective samples

An entry-level position as a security guard/officer is usually a part-time job, or a good position to seek out after retirement from the military or following a position in loss prevention. There are typically no stringent educational requirements to becoming a security guard, other than a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Whether or not you're experienced on the job, you need to explain to a potential employer exactly what qualifications you have. This includes training exercises with weapons, certifications, and any licenses from accredited organizations, the state, or the federal government. Check out these examples of security guard resume objectives.

  • Seeking a position as a security guard at Company X to apply the observational and communication skills learned as part of the United States Marine Corps.
  • To obtain employment as a security guard at Casino X to alleviate the threat of theft or trickery by using the skills I learned as a military policeman in the United States Air Force.
  • To earn a position at Company X that enables me to protect the health and well-being of all employees and visitors of the facility, as well as the property.
  • Professional security officer with 10 years of experience seeks position at Company X to safeguard the assets and employees of the business.
  • To use my knowledge of surveillance, observation, and problem-solving skills from 21 years on the police force to prevent and deter breaches of company property.
  • Enforce all safety protocols as outlined by Company X by using the skills I learned as a crime prevention specialist.