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Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator

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Safety Coordinator

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Safety Coordinator

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Site Safety Coordinator


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Safety Coordinator - Southeast District

Kiewit Corporation

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Safety Coordinator Jobs Overview

Safety coordinators make sure their company's safety protocols are known and followed by employees. By reducing work-related injuries and accidents, coordinators ensure that operations can be carried out as efficiently as possible. Because every company must adhere to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines, there are safety coordinator jobs in just about every industry.

A safety coordinator bases their company's guidelines on those set by the government. Aside from implementing and monitoring guidelines, coordinators also advise their company executives on safety-related issues and plan informative meetings to make sure every employee is familiar with the rules. Every so often, coordinators conduct risk assessments to see if their guidelines are effective.

If you're an analytical person who cares deeply about the wellbeing of others, you may want to consider becoming a safety coordinator. Want to weigh your options instead? There are plenty of other healthcare support jobs with similar responsibilities to consider. Some of these include:

Safety Coordinator Education and Skills

Because safety coordinator jobs carry a tremendous amount of responsibility, most employers will only consider applicants with a bachelor's degree. However, safety coordination is highly versatile work, so you don't need a degree in a specific field to apply.

Aside from education and work experience, applicants can distinguish their profiles from others by taking the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) exam. You can take the exam and register as a Certified Safety Professional after you've finished your bachelor's degree and worked as a safety officer for a minimum of four years.

Becoming a safety coordinator requires a specific set of skills. Coordinators interact with a number of departments within a company, so they must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. Critical thinking abilities will come in handy when assessing the risks of the workplace and finding ways to improve upon existing safety regulations.

Update Your Safety Coordinator Resume

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How Much Do Safety Coordinator Jobs Pay?

Don't be too shy to ask potential employers this important question. In the U.S., the median income of a safety coordinator is $43,727 per year. However, the income of safety coordinator jobs can vary depending on where they're located. Want to know how much you're worth where you live? Our Salary Tools show you how much coordinators are earning throughout the country.

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