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Software Test Engineer Jobs

Software Test Engineer

Randstad USA

San Diego, CA

4 days ago
Lead Engineer - Lab Test Engineer

Lumen Technologies, Inc


5 days ago
Software Test Engineer IV


Durham, NC

12 days ago
Wireless Software Test Engineer

Randstad USA

Medina, NY

4 days ago

ENTEGEE Engineering Technical Group

Atlanta, GA

30+ days ago
Software Test Engineer

ENTEGEE Engineering Technical Group

Portland, OR

25 days ago
Software Test Engineer

InESS Solutions Inc


17 days ago
Software Test Engineer

Quality Vision International Inc.

Rochester, NY

30 days ago
Software Test Engineer II


Durham, NC

2 days ago

Software Test Engineer Jobs Overview

Companies, organizations, and individuals rely on a wide range of computer programs for a variety of purposes. But before any program can go on the market, its functionality must be verified, which is why the tech industry has so many software test engineer jobs available. These engineers make sure all computer programs achieve quality assurance.

As a software test engineer, you’ll design and implement processes to check software for inefficiencies and defects. There are three common testing methods:

  • black box testing (little-to-now knowledge of a program)
  • white box testing (knowledge of a program’s internal structure)
  • gray box testing (combination of black box and white box testing)

Most software test engineers work directly for software development companies as part of the quality assurance team. Consider checking out these similar computer jobs:

Software Test Engineer Education and Skills

Most software test engineers have a bachelor’s degree in information technology, software development, computer science, or a related field. Some employers may hire candidates with an associate’s degree and prior industry experience. Your curriculum will likely include courses on programming languages (C++, Java, Python, etc.), database design and development, web development, and SQL.

Being certified in software testing can also move you along in your career path. The American Software Testing Qualifications Board offers several certificate designations for software test engineers from beginner to advanced levels.

The top skills and qualities for a software test engineer job include:

  • proficiency in computer coding languages such as Java, C++, Python, and Scala
  • good critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • knowledge of software testing tools such as Selenium, LambdaTest, Ranorex, and Appium
  • excellent teamwork and collaboration
  • sharp attention to small details

Update Your Software Test Engineer Resume

The selection process for the next software test engineer can be rigorous. Make sure you put your resume through the same quality assurance steps you would a software program. Highlight the skills and accomplishments most relevant to your field and edit your resume for errors. Monster’s writing tips can help you build and polish a resume that gets results. We also encourage you to browse through our resume samples to learn how to format and organize your resume.

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Interviewing for Software Test Engineer Jobs

So, your resume and cover letter got the attention of a hiring manager. That’s great news. Once you ace your upcoming interview, you’ll likely be well on your way to getting hired. Getting there will take some practice and preparation. Read our comprehensive list of common interview questions and develop your answers ahead of time.

Knowing how to answer any question you encounter will help you make a good first impression with an employer. Even if you stumble on an answer, we have plenty of tips on how to recover from interview mistakes.

How Much Do Software Test Engineer Jobs Pay?

The median yearly salary for software test engineers is $92,492. Enter your location and job title into Monster’s Salary Tools to find out how much you’ll likely earn in your area. This tool also allows you to see which cities pay software test engineers the most and which potential next career steps you can take.

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