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Distribution Center Team Member - Full TIme


Kimberly, AL


Randstad US

Visalia, CA

2 days ago
Senior Warehouse Supervisor

DPI Specialty Foods

Ontario, CA

30+ days ago
Warehouse Manager


Braselton, GA

30+ days ago
Warehouse Manager / Manufacturing

Professional Placements

$95000 - $110000 / Per year

Terre Haute, IN

23 days ago
Warehouse Operations Manager

Chili Peppers Collectibles

$50000 - $70000 / Per year

Frederick, MD

26 days ago
Warehouse Manager

Turtle and Hughes

Piscataway, NJ

15 days ago
Warehouse Manager- Warehouse, SAP, Shipping, Distribution


$65000 - $100000 / Per year

Savannah, GA

2 days ago
Warehouse Supervisor

Randstad US

Osseo, MN


Warehouse Manager Jobs Overview

Warehouse managers literally know the ins and outs of the businesses that employ them. In the broadest definition, those with warehouse manager jobs are in charge of all inventory and supplies that come into a warehouse, along with every product a company produces that leaves the warehouse on its way to a customer.

To visualize the importance of a warehouse manager, think of a clogged drain. Without something (or in this case, someone) to keep things flowing, stuff gets stuck in the drain and can't be flushed away. And when that happens, the water coming into the drain has nowhere to go and eventually backs up, putting your sink out of business.

These days, many warehouse managers are referred to as logisticians. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are about 190,000 warehouse managers/logisticians in the U.S. One-quarter of these work in manufacturing companies, and 18% are employed by the federal government.

Warehouse management is one of many production jobs. If working in production interests you, you can expand your search to related jobs, including:

Warehouse Manager Education and Skills

A bachelor's degree is usually a requirement for a warehouse manager job, although some employers may accept an associate degree. Classes and a degree in business, supply chain management, or a related field will prepare you to be a warehouse manager. Important courses include:

  • Operations and database management
  • System dynamics
  • Training on specific warehouse management software such as radio frequency identification (RFID.) BLS studies show that job prospects should be best for those who have experience using logistical software.

Logistics is a fast-paced process. An effective warehouse manager is someone who is process-oriented and is always looking for a more efficient way to do things. They manage warehouse staff, plan, and manage warehouse layouts and procedures and comply with federal, state, and local warehousing and material handling laws. Many warehouse managers interface and build relationships with clients, so communication and customer service skills are a plus for a warehouse manager position.

Take a look at this warehouse manager job description to see additional responsibilities and qualities that are important for the position.

Update Your Warehouse Manager Resume

If you're ready to step into a warehouse manager job, start with a resume refresh. Take a look at Monster's resume samples and tips to help personalize yours. Think about how your background fits an employer's job posting and write a cover letter with those points to accompany your resume. You can learn how to format and write an effective cover letter by browsing all the cover letter writing tips on Monster.

Interviewing for a Warehouse Manager Job

To help your interview flow, we've put together some sample interview questions you can use to prepare answers. We've included some of the toughest ones, like: "Tell me about a time when…" We also have some suggestions for questions you should ask the employer during the interview.

How Much Do Warehouse Manager Jobs Pay?

According to Monster, the median pay for a warehouse manager in the U.S. is $47,565, with salaries ranging from $35,418 to $61,580. Our Salary Tools will tell you what salary to expect as a warehouse manager in your area. While you're on the salary page, you can also see salaries for related jobs and places in the country where your skills are in high demand.

Want to Learn More About a Company You're Interested In?

How can you tell if a company is a great fit for your career goals, ambitions, and values? One way is to look at prospective employers that are in Monster's company profiles. You'll find information about a company, including:

  • its rank among competitors.
  • the company's mission statement.
  • its most recent job openings.

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