Best-paying jobs for business majors

Want to bring home a fat paycheck with just a bachelor's degree in business? Position yourself for one of these 10 high-paying business jobs.

Best-paying jobs for business majors

With the right job, business majors can make a lot of money.

Want to succeed in business degree jobs? The key is focusing your education while you're in school—and networking both before and after you graduate.

Katie Bardaro, lead analyst for online salary database, says students who are more analytical should consider focusing their studies on statistics or financial analysis. Business degree jobs in technology and data-heavy industries are likely to continue growing and will have a high demand for business graduates in the immediate future.

Connections also count in the business world. "The best thing to do is to focus on alumni networks," Bardaro says. "Business is definitely an area where connections help a lot."

So what are some high-paying jobs for business majors? This list of the top 10 uses data from PayScale's College Salary Report. 

VP, finance

Most common major: Accounting
What you’d do: The vice president of finance is responsible for overseeing all financial-related matters, including directing financial strategies and analysis, as well as budgeting and forecasting.
What you’d make: $151,000 per year

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Finance director

Most common major: Accounting
What you’d do: The finance director works to create budgets and strategies for an entire company and ensures the financial practices adhere to the most recent laws and regulations.
What you’d make: $113,000 per year

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Portfolio manager

Most common major: Finance
What you’d do: Portfolio managers are responsible for investment activities for an individual or corporation.
What you’d make: $100,000 per year

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Corporate controller

Most common major: Accounting
What you'd do: Corporate controllers head up the accounting department in a company.
What you'd make: $99,700 per year

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Finance manager

Most common major: Accounting
What you'd do: As the title implies, finance managers are responsible for the financial well-being of a company. They provide reports, interpret data, and basically decide how and where a company’s money should be used in order to generate profit.
What you'd make: $97,700 per year

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Supply chain manager

Most common major: Supply chain management
What you'd do: These managers oversee inventory levels, shipping and receiving departments, and warehousing capabilities.
What you'd make: $92,300 per year

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Financial advisor

Most common major: Finance
What you'd do: Because they’re well-versed in money and investments, FAs help people figure out what to do with their money in order to best meet their needs and goals, whether that’s paying for their kids’ college, buying a home, or making retirement plans.
What you'd make: $89,500 per year

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Financial controller

Most common major: Accounting
What you'd do: Like a finance manager, the financial controller’s job is to maintain the financial health of a company. Controllers tend to focus less on the management and more on the accounting and reporting.
What you'd make: $87,000 per year

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Financial/securities/investment analyst

Most common major: Finance
What you'd do: These analysts assess the performance of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments to help businesses and individuals make smart investment decisions.
What you'd make: $81,300 per year

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Most common major: Accounting
What you'd do: Certified public accountants work to ensure people and companies comply with tax laws. They prepare tax returns, organize financial records, and give advice on how to increase revenues.
What you'd make: $76,700 per year

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Source: All salary data provided by online salary database Median pay is the national median (50th percentile) annual total cash compensation. Half of the people doing the job earn more than the median, while half earn less. Range in pay within a job can vary widely depending on years of experience, scope of responsibility, location of work, etc. All pay values are calculated for workers with 10 years of experience and combines base annual salary or hourly wage, bonuses, profit sharing, tips, commissions, overtime, and other forms of cash earnings, but not stock compensation.