Business analyst resume objective examples

Stand out and let employers know what you have to offer in your business analyst resume objective.

Business analyst resume objective examples

Attention business analysts: You're in great demand, and it's not hard to see why. As someone with a background in accounting or finance and Enterprise Resource Planning, you work with businesses to create data systems that will help them run smoothly now and into the future.

Competition for business analyst jobs is tough, so your resume needs to stand out, and a great way to do that is by having an objective, but remember a few key factors.

While many experts say an objective isn't necessary anymore—a career summary is more common nowadays—a statement of your skills shows a prospective employer what strengths you bring to the company. Keep in mind that your objective should focus on the company rather than yourself. Follow these tips then take a look at a few objective examples below to help you create an objective that will shine.

Let them know what you offer

When writing a business analyst resume objective, you need to show the prospective employer that your skills surpass those of everyone else who is applying. Highlight any work that's in line with what the company is looking for, such as, "Spent 7 years successfully working on high and low budgets." Giving hiring managers a length of time shows them you're dedicated and helps prove you've got what it takes.

Powerful adjectives are helpful

Give your resume some extra pop to get a hiring manager's attention. For example, instead of saying, "Business analyst seeks a position at [company name]," incorporate powerful adjectives like "successful," "dynamic," or "flexible" to set the tone for your resume: "Success-driven and dynamic professional seeking a business analyst position at [company name]."

Find out about the prospective employer

Just as employers like to find out about an applicant, you should be doing your homework on them to help your resume reach the top of the pile. Different employers have various cultures and tones, so match your objective to that. You wouldn't write a funny objective for a life insurance company, but a cutting-edge tech company is likely to be more playful and would appreciate seeing a little creativity in your objective. For example, if you're applying to a video game company, you might say "Success-driven and dynamic professional seeking a business analyst position at [company name]. Game on."

There is a lot of information to include in your resume objective, but keep in mind, an objective should be only about three lines long. You're not telling everything about your experience in the objective, but showing a summary of what you bring before listing your qualifications.