Construction resume objective examples

Having a strong resume objective can help you nail down construction jobs.

Construction resume objective examples

Resume objectives have become largely replaced by career summaries, but they can still be helpful when applying for construction jobs. Here are some samples you can use for your construction worker resume objective, as well as some things to consider when writing your own.


  • Seeking work as an electrician at B&O Construction Co.
  • Apply 10 years of roofing experience to a position at XYZ Construction
  • Construction worker seeking position at ABC Construction that utilizes my experience with heavy machinery
  • Supporting the construction team at EFG Builders primarily through framing work, but with the ability to assist in other areas as needed
  • Bring my skill as a licensed carpenter to JK Construction
  • Construction worker certified through the Technical College System of Georgia seeking a position at Q&S Building Co.

Writing tips

As a construction worker, it is tempting to think of yourself as a jack-of-all-trades. Most construction workers, after all, are capable of several jobs, so leaving your objective a little open-ended may seem like a good idea. In some ways, the flexibility and breadth of knowledge you obtain through training and work experience in this field can benefit an employer. However, a potential employer will be more interested in what you do best rather than a vague or overly broad statement about how much you can do.

Start by considering the job title assigned to the position. If the posting gives a generic title like "construction worker," look at the qualifications to determine what the company is looking for. Pay special attention to preferred qualifications or those that are recommended but not required. Demonstrating that you meet the highest standards can put you a step ahead of other applicants. Review your resume to determine which items will be most beneficial to this particular employer and position then incorporate them into your resume objective. Here are some examples of what to emphasize:

  • Licenses and certifications, including those that go above the minimum requirements for your field
  • Related education and training
  • Past work experience, including how long you have spent in this field
  • Achievements and projects that speak to your skill or expertise
  • Character traits that make you a good worker and employee

Throughout the process, put yourself in the shoes of a construction manager. If you were in charge of hiring someone to fill this position, what would you be looking for? Think about what could make a candidate stand out. You want to make sure that your resume objective draws attention to your most impressive qualifications and differentiates you from as many other candidates as possible.

Again, you may be well-qualified for a variety of tasks. In that case, draft a general objective that you can tailor to fit each position for which you apply. Now isn't the time to cut corners for the sake of your own convenience. Adjusting your objective for each application takes a bit more time, but it will be worth it.