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5 High-Paying Blue-Collar Jobs

5 High-Paying Blue-Collar Jobs

5 High-Paying Blue-Collar Jobs

By Hannah Hamilton
Monster Contributing Writer

Are you interested in a career that doesn’t always require sitting in a college classroom for 4 years? Perhaps something that relies more on an apprenticeship or other hands-on training would suit you better. The salary experts at found five jobs that pay well and don’t necessarily require a 4 year college degree.

1. Aircraft Mechanic
Median Annual Salary: $53,405

Aircraft Mechanics must know how to read and interpret maintenance and service manuals for airplanes, so they can do what it takes to keep them flying safely. They perform regular maintenance on planes, perform preflight inspections and make repairs as needed.

The job pays well because workers have access to complex equipment that can be dangerous, and it also also requires specialized training in a variety of skill sets that go under the scrutiny of several regulatory compliance areas, said HR4Change founder Tony Deblauwe.

2. Welding Inspector
Median Annual Salary: $60,787

Welding inspectors look for visual and structural errors in welding jobs, such as cracks, spatter and undercut. They’re expected to be comfortable with welding processes and materials. They work both indoors and outdoors with project managers and engineers to make sure the specifications for a job are following its blueprints.

3. Fire Captain
Median Annual Salary: $61,350

This job has some obvious risks and requires the experience of a firefighter and the skills of a manager. Fire captains may direct one or more fire companies, serve as the on-scene incident manager and incident-safety officer in case of a fire, train department personnel as needed and use complex equipment in rescue situations.

4. Electrical Technician
Median Annual Salary: $47,894

Using diagnostic and measuring devices, electrical technicians create, maintain, and fix equipment and components involving electricity.They must know how to search for problems in equipment, be able to replace broken equipment and install new equipment.

“Many high paying blue collar jobs have been in the electrical trade, and this has been so for many years,” says Polishing the Professional employment specialist Keith Davis, “These highly paid workers tend to have tasks such as elevator installation, and repairing gas and oil fields.

5. MRI Technologist
Median Annual Salary: $61,369

This job involves moving examination equipment, preparing patients for medical procedures, helping patients out of their wheelchairs and onto examination tables and adjusting patients’ positions on the table. MRI technologists also explain MRI procedures to patients and have a working knowledge of the imaging software in case the MRI machine requires adjustment. After the MRI procedure is over, they view the images and are responsible for keeping record of the results.

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