10 highest-paying communications jobs

These careers offer financial stability with salaries upwards of $130,000.

10 highest-paying communications jobs

There's no time better than now to get a job—or maybe even a new one—in the communications field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 27,400 new jobs will be added by 2024 with interpreters leading job growth in the communications and media field at 29%. They're followed by video editing gigs (11%) and technical writers at 10%. 

Get this: Media and communications jobs also lead median annual salaries for all occupations at $52,370 compared to $35,540.

And while these numbers look good, there are jobs with even greater earning potential. Your salary will depend on your experience, specialty, and job location. For example, a director of sales salary in Philadelphia is 6% higher than the national median; a vice president of communications salary in Santa Ana, California, is 3% higher than the national median; and a product marketing director salary in New Haven, Connecticut, is 19% higher than the national median.

Monster partnered with compensation data and software firm PayScale to reveal the top-paying job titles in communications for workers with 10 or more years of experience. Are you thinking it's time for a new start? Cash in on these high-paying careers by searching for communications jobs on Monster.

Job title Mid-career median pay
1. Senior vice president of sales $208,500
2. Vice president of business development $168,000
3. Vice president of marketing $162,100
4. Director of strategic alliances $160,400
5. Product marketing director $153,800
6. Demand generation director $152,500
7. Capture manager $148,300
8. Advertising sales director $138,700
9. Global account manager $138,600
10. Senior product marketing manager $138,200

Note: PayScale finds market research analysts and marketing specialists, market research and survey researchers, advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers and media and communication workers fall under the communications field via the ONET*SOC taxonomy.

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