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25 highest-paying jobs in Los Angeles

Looking for a big bump in pay? These West Coast salaries start at $135,000.

25 highest-paying jobs in Los Angeles

It may be time to move out West if you're looking for a job. Just last month, California added a record 60,400 jobs in December, the largest single-month gain in the last three years, according to state data.

Hm...nice weather, streets that are paved with celebrities, a cultural melting pot...what's not to love? Oh yeah, and did we mention the lavish salaries? 

Unless you're planning on becoming the next Leonardo DiCaprio,—we can only hope, right?—we have offscreen jobs that pay top dollar in Los Angeles. 

Monster partnered with compensation data and software firm PayScale to reveal the top-paying job titles in Los Angeles for workers with 10 or more years of experience.

And who knows...maybe you'll run into Leo on the way to work. 

Job title Mid-career median pay
1. Chief information officer $219,400
2. Senior vice president of operations $212,200
3. Chief executive officer $206,300
4. President $196,800
5. Chief operating officer $192,400
6. Chief technology officer $183,800
7. Vice president of general manager $180,900
8. Chief financial officer $180,700
9. Vice president of information technology $176,400
10. Vice president of business development $175,300
11. Vice president of engineering $174,600
12. Vice president of finance $174,400
13. Director of engineering $169,400
14. Vice president of sales $169,200
15. Vice president of marketing $163,400
16. Vice president of sales & marketing $158,700
17. Software development director $158,200
18. Vice president of human resources $154,600
19. Principal engineer $151,500
20. Finance director $148,800
21. Vice president of operations $145,200
22. Solutions architect $144,700
23. Attorney/lawyer $141,800
24. Software development manager $140,400
25. Information technology director $135,200

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