Women dominated professions

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the occupations where women soar.

Women dominated professions

March 8 is International Women’s Day, which is meant to highlight the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. A lot of attention today will be paid—rightly so—to the fields where women are still striving for gender equality. But we at Monster thought we'd also take this opportunity to celebrate the professions where females completely rock it out.  

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data on the percentage of females in the job category, these are the fields where women rule the realm.

1. Child care services

Percentage of the workforce that's female: 94%

What the job entails: Positions range from caregiving in daycare or other childcare centers to helping children with homework and school prep.

Education required: Varies by setting, state and employer. May require certification in early childhood education, but in some cases no formal education is required.

Average pay: $9.48/hour

Projected growth: 5% in the next eight years, which is on par with the national average, according to BLS

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2. Home health care services

Percentage of the workforce that's female: 89%

What the job entails: In this role, you'll visit ailing, disabled or elderly people's homes to provide health care services. As the baby boomer population continues to age there will become even greater need for this role.

Education required: None for home health aides. Aides working in certified home health or hospice agencies must complete formal training as well as pass a standardized test.

Average pay: $21,380/year

Projected growth: Look out, this field will skyrocket by 38% through 2024!

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3. Veterinary services

Percentage of the workforce that's female: 80.7%

What the job entails: Veterinarians and those who work with them provide health care services for animals. According to the BLS, most veterinarians work in private clinics, hospitals, farms, laboratories, classrooms or for the government.

Education required: To work in this field as a veterinarian, you’d need a doctorate in veterinary medicine from an accredited veterinary college and a state license.

Average pay: $87,590/year

Projected growth: 9% through 2024, faster than the national average for all occupations

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4. Social services

Percentage of the workforce that's female: 84.8%

What the job entails: Social workers help people solve and cope with problems. They are employable in a variety of settings, including mental health clinics, hospitals, schools, human service agencies, settlement houses and private practices.

Education requirement: At least a bachelor’s degree in social work, but clinical social workers must also earn a master’s degree and two years of post-master’s experience in a supervised setting. In addition, clinical social workers must earn a license for the state where they practice.

Average pay: $45,500/year

Projected growth: 12% through 2024

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5. Educational services

Percentage of the workforce that's female: 75.4%, in elementary and secondary schools

What the job entails: This category includes teachers of preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle or high school, in the public or private school settings. 

Education required: Teachers must earn a bachelor’s degree, often with a major in the subject they'll teach. In addition, public school teachers must have their state-issued certification or license. 

Average pay: $53,760/year for elementary teachers,  $54,940/year for middle school teachers, $56,310/year for high school teachers. But let’s highlight two major bonuses, shall we? July and August.

Projected growth: 6%, the average rate the next several years

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6. Libraries and archivists

Percentage of the workforce that's female: 76.5%

What the job entails: Job responsibilities will depend on the type of library—public, school or medical—but generally, you'll be involved with finding and cataloging information or managing collections.

Education requirement: You must earn a master’s degree in library science to have this career. Certain positions mandate additional requirements such as a degree in another field or a teaching certificate.

Average pay: $56,170/year

Projected growth: just 2%, due to budget constraints in governments and schools

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7. Accountants

Percentage of the workforce that's female: 59%

What the job entails: These pros balance the financial books or manage taxes for individuals or businesses.

Education required: A bachelor’s degree is typically required for this field. Earning a Certified Public Accountants designation is always a plus.

Average pay: $65,940/year

Projected growth: 11%

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8. Legal services

Percentage of the workforce that's female: 54%

What the job entails: Legal services includes lawyers—who work in settings from private practice to corporate legal offices to federal, local or state governments.

Education required: A law degree, plus you'll need to pass the state’s written bar examination

Average pay: $114,970/year

Projected growth: 6%, on par with the national average

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9. Employment services

Percentage women: 53%

What the job entails: Think human resources managers who handle interviewing, hiring and linking the organization’s management to its employees.

Education required: Typically a bachelor’s degree, but in some positions a master’s degree is preferred

Average pay: $102,780/year

Projected growth:  9%, which is faster than the national average

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10. Leisure and hospitality

Percentage women: 51%

What the job entails: These are roles within hotels and restaurants.

Education required: None in food services. Within hotel management, many hotel chains hire employees who have earned a bachelor’s degree in hospitality or hotel management.

Average pay: $47,680/year for lodging managers; $8.92/hour for food service workers

Projected growth: 8% for accommodations and 10% for food and beverages—faster than the national average

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