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Software Developer Jobs

C/C++ Software Engineer

Solidus Technical Solutions

Lexington, MA

1 day ago
9138 - Senior Software Developer (Remote)

IndraSoft, Inc.

, undefined

1 day ago
Software Engineer Embedded Linux

TrellisWare Technologies, Inc

San Diego, CA

1 day ago
Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Lucid Motors

San Jose, CA

1 day ago
Senior Software Engineer (C#)

Spectra Group Inc.

New York, NY

2 days ago
Simulation Software Engineer

All Points Logistics, LLC

Houston, TX

1 day ago
Staff Software Engineer (AWS Cloud)

Change Healthcare

Bryans Road, MD

2 days ago
Software Engineer I

Cox Automotive

Draper, UT

1 day ago
Software Developer

GCR Professional Services

Lexington, MA

1 day ago

Software Developer Jobs Overview

The world simply wouldn't function without software. Whether an app that connects businesses with their customers or the systems that help those same businesses keep track of their financial information, we rely on software developers to create the programs that we use every day. There are tons of different types of software developer jobs available to job seekers across a variety of industries—for computer systems design services, software publishers, manufacturers, and private enterprises.

As a software developer, you'll develop computer applications for a variety of uses and purposes. You'll also recommend upgrades, test, and maintain applications to ensure that they work efficiently. The models and diagrams you create then go to programmers who use coding languages to bring your blueprints to life.

Not only will you enjoy a lucrative and high-paying career, but you'll also find lots of opportunities for people with your skillset. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs in software development will grow by 22% over the next decade.

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Software Developer Education and Skills

Software developers need at least a bachelor's degree in computer and information technology, engineering, mathematics, or a related field. However, many employers prefer candidates who have a master's degree. It also helps to gain experience through an internship before getting into an entry-level position. While software developers don't always work with coding languages, having proficiency in Java, C++, or other related language will boost your value to employers.

Other skills and qualities software developers typically need include:

  • strong analytical skills.
  • the ability to communicate technical language to nontechnical users.
  • creativity and the ability to innovate.
  • attention to small details.
  • interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate with others.
  • problem-solving skills.

Update Your Software Developer Resume

What does your resume currently say about you? Having an error-free resume that clearly demonstrates your career goals, skills, and credentials is key to being chosen as a top candidate. Get it right the first time by ensuring that all critical resume sections are in place. Take a look at Monster's software developer resume sample for a clear view of how to write and format your resume.

When bombarded with resumes, employers in the software development field tend to choose candidates with cover letters. Not sure what to include in your cover letter? Think of it as a brief introduction to yourself—you can demonstrate your knowledge of the position and/or company, discuss your skills, and show enthusiasm for your field. Take a look at Monster's software engineer cover letter sample to learn how to properly format your cover letter.

Interviewing for Software Developer Jobs

Interviewing for a software developer position may be a nerve-racking experience. In fact, you may go through more than one round of interviews before a hiring manager makes a final decision. Hang in there. Monster can help you ease your anxiety and get prepared. Our comprehensive list of top job interview questions can help you develop answers that demonstrate your competency.

You should also be aware of industry-specific questions you may encounter. Being proficient in software development should help you answer questions such as:

  • Tell me about an application you previously developed.
  • What method do you use to test applications for bugs?
  • What types of software development problems have you faced and how did you solve them?
  • Which software development tools are you most experienced in?

How Much Do Software Developer Jobs Pay?

The median salary for software developers in the U.S. is $102,943 per year, but pay can range from $68,286 to $127,481. You can use Monster's Salary Calculator to find out if you're getting paid what you're worth in your location. When you get a salary estimate, you'll also find out where your job pays the most.

Want to Know More About a Company You're Interested In?

At Monster, you'll find plenty of opportunities in your field. But it's important to make sure that a company's culture and values fit yours. Find out more about an employer by looking them up on Monster's company profiles.

When you use this tool, you may find the following information:

  • company locations and headquarters.
  • a company's mission statement.
  • job postings.
  • company photos and videos.
  • benefits offered to employees.

Want to Develop a Successful Career? Monster Can Help

Once you're ready to start applying for software developer jobs, join Monster to sign up for free job alerts. All you have to do is upload your resume to get started. We'll match your resume with positions in your field and make it easy for job recruiters to find you.