How to find a job at a startup

Start with expert tips from entrepreneur and venture capitalist Jeff Bussgang, then check out Monster’s massive list of startup jobs.

How to find a job at a startup

Startups and millennials go together like peanut butter and jelly, cold brew and cream, flannel shirts and beanies.

And for good reason. Jobs at startups tend to offer tremendous opportunities for personal and professional growth. (Just imagine if you had worked at Twitter or Spotify in their early stages!)

Sure, a job at the Apples and Microsofts of the world can move you up the ladder just as well, but Jeff Bussgang, an entrepreneur and general partner at venture capital investment firm Flybridge Capital Partners, says the main difference between working at a startup versus a large corporate company is the culture.

“The culture of a startup is that you’re on a mission, not just doing a job,” Bussgang told Monster. “When you work at a startup, your efforts are clearly and directly linked to the overall success of the enterprise. There’s a sense that you’re all banded together against all odds trying to achieve something no one has ever achieved before. And your work actually matters—every day, you’re doing something that materially impacts the value and success of the company.”

But with so many startups to sift through—just over three startups are launched every second, according to GEM Global Report—how do you find the one that’s right for you? Monster recently asked Bussgang via email how to determine what makes a good startup, and how—and where—job seekers should apply.

How to assess a startup company

Bussgang says a good startup is one that is growing fast (because growth equals opportunity) and is well-run by experienced managers who know how to navigate fast growth and provide a positive working environment for young professionals.

To help you determine which startup is worth taking a chance on, Bussgang shared with Monster his four-step framework:

1) Pick a domain. What areas are you most passionate about?

2) Pick a city. Where you want to live and build your career?

3) Pick a stage. Do you want to work for a company in the jungle stage (hacking through and trying to establish a path to success), the dirt road stage (established initial product-market fit and now trying to execute in a clear direction), or the highway phase (optimizing and scaling along a well-trod path)?

4) Pick a winner.  What are some hot companies everyone thinks have great momentum and potential?

Apply to startup companies

After you have selected a handful of winning startups, the next step is to apply to jobs. When you apply to a startup company, Bussgang has one crucial piece of advice: Come bearing gifts.

“When most people look for a job, they carry with them something to ask for: ‘I want a job offer. I want to make this salary,’” Bussgang says. “If you flip that around, you have a completely different relationship. You come with advice, with connections. You say, ‘How can I help? What do you need? Oh, you need to hire a designer? I can recommend a fantastic designer for you.’”

To get you started on your search for the perfect startup, start by checking out this list of Bussgang-approved startup companies hiring right now on Monster. All of the companies on Bussgang’s list have earned more than $10 million in revenue, have more than 50 employees, raised more than $20 million in capital, and hire more than 10 people per year.

Startup companies hiring:

  1. 1st Dibs
  2. 23AndMe
  3. Acacia
  4. Acquia
  5. Actifio
  6. Addepar
  7. Affirm
  8. Airbnb
  9. Akamai
  10. Anaplan
  11. Anaqua
  12. Andela
  13. App Annie
  14. Appnexus
  15. Atlassian
  16. Attivio
  18. Automattic
  19. Better Cloud
  20. Betterment
  21. Birchbox
  22. Bit9
  23. Blackline
  24. BloomReach
  25. Blue Apron
  26. Blue Jeans Network
  27. Boxed
  28. Buzzfeed
  29. Car Gurus
  30. Carbon Black
  31. Carbonite
  32. Castlight Health
  33. CB Insights
  34. Checkr
  35. ClassPass
  36. Cloudera
  37. CloudFlare
  38. Codecademy
  39. Coinbase
  40. Collective Health
  41. Contently
  42. Couchbase
  43. Coupa Software
  44. Coursera
  45. Credit Karma
  46. DataDog
  47. Dataminr
  48. DataStax
  49. DataXu
  50. DocuSign
  51. DoorDash
  52. DoubleDutch
  53. Drawbridge
  54. Drizly
  55. Dropbox
  56. Earnest
  57. Elastic
  58. Etsy
  59. EventBrite
  60. Evolent Health
  61. EZCater
  62. Feedvisor
  63. FireEye
  64. Fitbit
  65. Formlabs
  66. Funding Circle
  67. General Assembly
  68. Gigya
  69. GitHub
  70. Glassdoor
  71. Goat
  72. Gusto
  73. HackerRack
  74. Houzz
  75. Hubspot
  76. IEX
  77. Indigo
  78. Infinidat
  79. Instacart
  80. Instart Logic
  81. Ipsy
  82. IQMS Manufacturing
  83. Jana
  84. Jasper
  85. Jawbone
  86. JustFab
  87. Kayak
  88. Kenshoo
  89. Lattice Engines
  90. Lending Club
  91. LinkedIn
  92. LittleBits
  93. Localytics
  94. LogMeIn
  95. Lumosity
  96. Lyft
  97. MapR
  98. MarkLogic
  99. MasterClass
  101. MatterMark
  102. Medallia
  103. MediaMath
  104. Metromile
  105. Mixpanel
  106. Moat
  107. MongoDB
  108. MuleSoft
  109. Namely
  110. NerdWallet
  111. Netskope
  112. New Relic
  113. Nextdoor
  114. Nutanix
  115. OfferUp
  116. Okta
  117. OnDeck
  118. OpenX
  119. Optimizely
  120. Oscar Health
  121. Outbrain
  122. Panorama Education
  123. Peloton Cycle
  124. PillPack
  125. Pinterest
  126. PlaceIQ
  127. Plastiq
  128. Postmates
  129. Quora
  130. Rapid7
  131. Rent The Runway
  133. Riot Games
  134. Rubicon
  135. Rubrik
  136. Sailthru
  137. SeatGeek
  138. ServiceNow
  139. Shapeways
  140. Shazam
  141. Shutterstock
  142. Signifyd
  143. Silver Peak Systems
  144. Simplisafe
  145. Slack
  146. Snap
  147. SoFi
  148. Sonos
  149. SpaceX
  150. Splice
  151. Splunk
  152. Spotify
  153. Sprinklr
  154. StitchFix
  155. Stripe
  156. Sumo Logic
  157. Tableau
  158. Tala Mobile
  159. Tanium
  160. Tastemade
  161. Teespring
  162. Tesla
  163. The Honest Company
  164. ThredUP
  165. Thumbtack
  166. Tinder
  167. TripleLift
  168. Twilio
  169. Twitter
  170. Uber
  171. Upwork
  172. VTS
  173. Warby Parker
  174. Wayfair
  175. WealthFront
  176. WeWork
  177. Workday
  178. Yapstone
  179. Yelp
  180. Yext
  181. YouNow
  182. Zefr
  183. ZenDesk
  184. Zerto
  185. ZScaler
  186. Zuora
  187. Zymergen

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