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Junior Software Developer Jobs

Software Engineering 2022 Summer Internship-Plastipak GBTC - Plymouth, MI


Plymouth, MI

2 days ago
Junior Software Developer - C/C++ (Army Software Programs)


Rancho Santa Fe, CA

7 days ago
Junior Software Developer

Bowhead / UIC Technical Services

Orlando, FL

10 days ago
Intern - Software Engineer - Summer 2022

Lumen Technologies, Inc


13 days ago
Junior Software Engineer

Randstad USA

Jacksonville, FL

10 days ago
Junior Software Developer

Kelly Mitchell

Chicago, IL

30+ days ago
Junior Software Developer

TRC Staffing


30+ days ago
Entry Level Software Developer

Naval Nuclear Laboratory

Niskayuna, NY

3 days ago
Entry Level Software Engineer

Year Up

Cranberry Township, PA

1 day ago

Junior Software Developer Jobs Overview

Junior software developers are part of a software development team and work on small projects—or have supporting roles in large projects—while they gain experience. They help to create computer operating systems, programs, or mobile apps. It's a good time to look for junior software developer jobs—the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that software developer employment will grow by a whopping 22% over the next 10 years.

As a junior software developer, you may be working on software to be sold commercially or on custom software for a particular client. Either way, you start by analyzing the consumers' needs and creating a sample design that shows exactly how your software will meet those needs. You'll then move on to create models and diagrams for programmers to turn into code. Once the programmers are finished, you'll test the program and make notes of any bugs to fix later. Lastly, you'll work on updates, troubleshooting, and patching code.

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Junior Software Developer Education and Skills

To have a shot at getting hired as a junior software developer, you'll need a bachelor's degree in computer and information technology or a related field such as software engineering. Getting a master's degree will help you move up the ladder more quickly, but it isn't required. Since software is an evolving field, you'll need to stay up to date on the latest tools and programming languages.

In addition to a formal education, successful software developers also have a certain set of skills. They're analytical, which helps them determine their customers' needs, and they have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills that enable them to work on a team. Other valuable abilities that will help you in your job as junior software developer are:

  • Creative abilities
  • Being detail oriented
  • Problem-solving skills

Update Your Junior Software Developer Resume

To apply to junior software developer jobs, you'll need a resume and cover letter. Your resume should be a simple overview of your work history, technical skills, and biggest achievements. To make it easier on yourself, you can use our sample resume for software developers as a template.

In your cover letter, you can explain your work experience in great depth and demonstrate your passion for the field and the role or company you're applying to. Use our cover letter tips to learn how to write a professional letter. Or take advantage of the cover letter samples we've posted on Monster.

Interviewing for a Junior Software Developer Job

Your next step in the hiring process is a job interview—you'll likely go through multiple rounds of job interviews when you apply for a job as a junior software developer. Many people experience nerves right before and during their interview. To combat this, we've created sample interview questions and answers what will help you prepare for common questions. Also be sure to brush up on the fundamentals of software development before the big day.

How Much Do Junior Software Developer Jobs Pay?

You deserve to get paid what you're worth. Software developers are in high demand at companies across the country—and that will be reflected in your pay. Software developers earn a median income of $102,943 a year, but as a junior software developer, you can expect a lower starting salary of around $70,000. To learn how much you'll be making in your area and how you can advance your career, check out our useful Salary Tool.

Want to Learn More About a Company You're Interested In?

If you want to learn more about a business's background, employee benefits, locations, or history, you can go to our business profiles. Simply do a search for the company you're interested in. You'll also find their social media profiles and recent job openings here.

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