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Package Handler Jobs

Material Handler 1

Eagle Claw

Denver, CO

12 days ago
Stock Handler

Victoria's Secret

Groveport, OH

3 days ago
Material Handler - 2nd Shift ($17/hr Min; 10% differential; $500 Bonus)

Takasago International Corporation

Harriman, NY

1 day ago
Material Handler / Forklift Operator


Kansas City, KS

6 days ago
Handler - 3rd Shift


Woodland, CA

8 days ago
Package Handlers

Alan Ritchey Inc

$22.31 / Per hour

Phillipsburg, PA

5 days ago
Material Handler- Moriarty, NM

Mueller Inc

$14 / Per hour

Moriarty, NM

1 day ago
Warehouse/Material Handler (600544)

Boyd Corporation

Niagara Falls, NY

8 days ago
Warehouse Worker $250 SIGN ON BONUS$

Riebes Auto Parts LLC

Yuba City, CA

3 days ago

Package Handler Jobs Overview

Package handler jobs are a foundational part of the economy and the tightly interwoven logistical networks on which it relies. As the number of shipped packages grows by the year, these kinds of jobs are in high demand. However, demand for package handlers and warehouse workers became even higher during the coronavirus pandemic when brick-and-mortar customers had to switch to online retail.

If you're looking for a reliable source of income with lots of physical activity, this job is for you. Package handlers load, unload, and move packages of various weights and sizes as quickly and efficiently as possible, meaning you'll spend most of the day on your feet. Plenty of package handling jobs are made up of part-time shifts—between 20 and 25 hours a week—making this a great opportunity for college students to earn some extra cash.

In a society that is moving towards flexible jobs, package handling is perfect for anyone looking to start work as quickly as possible. Because warehouses are everywhere, it's safe to say you're not looking at a lengthy commute. Best of all, the active and ever-changing nature of this job will shield you from the kind of mental fatigue that plagues the lives of so many office workers.

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Package Handler Jobs: Training and Skills

One of the greatest advantages of package handler jobs is that you don't need a specific degree in order to apply. The only thing you might need is a high school diploma or GED. In package handling, recruiters look for people who are fast on their feet, can keep track of multiple ongoing projects, and who are savvy with the use of simple machinery. Needless to say, there are a lot of packages being shipped nowadays. Every item needs to be kept track of as it is moved.

The most important thing you need to succeed as a package handler is to be in good physical condition. Workers are expected to move quickly and might be required to haul heavy objects, some of which can weigh as much as 70 pounds. Depending on whether or not you work for a government facility, drug tests may be required if they decide to welcome you aboard.

As far as previous experience goes, package handling is open to people from a variety of backgrounds. You must be able to keep track of multiple assignments at once while striving to complete each as quickly as possible. Being well-organized and having a good memory are also of the utmost importance.

Update Your Package Handler Resume

Every time you apply for a new role, make an effort to update your resume. Tailoring your resume to the job you're applying to can help get the attention of the recruiter. Ready to write yours? Take a look at this that Monster put together. We have a cover letter for logistics jobs as well, which can help boost your application.

How Much Do Package Handler Jobs Pay?

Good news. Thanks to leading companies' increases of starting wages, the average income of a package handler has been on the rise. The median hourly pay for a packager is $13.19. Want to compare wages for different categories of package handlers in different locations? Check out Monster's Salary Tools.

Learn More About Package Handling Companies

If you are considering applying to packager jobs, you may want to read up on our company profiles to get a better understanding of what's out there. Often when it comes to job applications, simply being a good fit for the company's culture can win out over having the most impressive credentials. Our company profiles can help you find the right match.

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