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Posting Clerk Jobs

Pediatric Medical Biller

BCD Health Partners

$41800 - $50000 / YEAR

Saddle Brook, NJ

Medical Billing Support Specialist


$37000 / Per Year


Billing Support Clerk

Advantage Resourcing

Lafayette, LA

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Confidential Company


Clinical Research Billing Analyst - Job Opening 235586

Augusta University

$44967 - $47770 / Per Year


Billing Administrative Assistant


Atlanta, GA

Part Time Weekend Payment Processor


Oak Lawn, IL

Invoice Clerk

Reynolds and Reynolds

College Station, TX

Medical Billing Representative

Ventra Health, formerly DuvaSawko

$13.5 - $16 / Per Hour

Ormond Beach, FL

Posting Clerk Jobs Overview

Do you keep your documents and finances organized? Consider making a career out of it as a posting clerk. Posting clerk jobs are part of the billing and financial departments of companies and organizations. They play an important role in making sure that charges are paid on time and that customers get support regarding their billing issues.

If you like working with numbers and spreadsheets, you might enjoy a career in this field. Since the job usually does not require a formal degree or a lot of work experience, it is a good entry-level position. Despite this, it can come with significant responsibility, for example documenting and requesting large payments and keeping track of important documents.

Posting clerk jobs often combine administrative work with customer service responsibilities, making this an ideal career if you want to work both with computers and people.

Some of the job responsibilities are:

  • tracking payments
  • preparing invoices
  • calculating fees and charges
  • reviewing documents, for example purchase orders or charge slips
  • communicating with customers regarding their accounts
  • explaining billing policies and procedures
  • assisting with record-keeping and bookkeeping tasks
  • carrying out financial transactions
  • verifying accuracy of signatures

Since one of the main responsibilities of the job is to manage bills or invoices, posting clerks are also called billing clerks, accounting clerks, billing coordinators, statement clerks, or account services representatives. These jobs are similar to brokerage clerks, insurance claim clerks, and procurement clerks (who handle customer orders).

You can also expand your search by looking for other administrative jobs with similar job responsibilities. Consider searching for:

Posting Clerk Training and Skills

Posting clerk jobs typically are entry-level positions that do not require a college degree. Large companies or those with complex financial accounts may ask you to have some formal education in finance or business, but typically you will learn the required skills through on-the-job training.

To excel in this field, you should be fast at typing and know or be able to quickly learn different computer programs. It is also important that you have organizational skills because of the amount of paperwork or electronic files you will handle. You may be responsible for large accounts and high charges, so any mistakes can cause serious issues in the office and beyond. Because of this, you need to have a diligent and responsible personality.

You might also interact with customers regarding their financial accounts. Depending on your specific workplace, you may have to deal with difficult clients and late payments, so patience and good people skills are imperative. Previous experience in customer service, even if it is not in a related field, can help you prepare for this job. Having good problem-solving skills in general will help you tackle billing issues that come up along the way. For example, you may need to work out a payment plan with a client who is struggling to pay a bill.

Most posting clerks work for private businesses, but you may also find a job in local government or at an organization. A common industry for this position is healthcare; you might work at a doctor's office or hospital at some point in your career. Take a look at Monster's job description of a Medicaid billing clerk as an example.

Update Your Posting Clerk Resume

Because this type of job requires high organizational skills, you should take some extra time updating your resume and making sure it is neat and well-structured. In addition to your education and work experience, highlight skills in relevant computer programs, as well as any finance or business classes you have taken. Take a look at our resume samples and writing tips to learn more about what to include in your resume.

Your cover letter will give you another opportunity to discuss any relevant skills or knowledge outside of your professional experience, for example if you worked on financial accounts as a volunteer or at a college club. For more suggestions on how to create a good cover letter, take a look at our sample cover letters.

How Much Do Posting Clerk Jobs Pay?

Before you start applying for jobs, make sure you know the typical salary range in your field. The national median yearly salary of a billing and posting clerk is $35,388. Take a look at Monster's Salary Tools to find the median salary for this position in different parts of the country.

Interested in Posting Clerk Jobs? Monster Can Help

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