How to add your internship experience on a resume

Leveraging your internship experience in the right way on your resume can help you find a job and start on a great career path.

How to add your internship experience on a resume

Internships add value to your job applications.

Internship experience is a valuable part of your resume. In many positions, the only distinction between an intern and an employee is the pay rate. Potential employers recognize the value of interns who are willing to work hard for the sake of learning more about the industry. When applying to jobs, here's how you can put your internship on your resume in the best possible light.

Where to put an internship on a resume

Many people stuff their internships at the bottom of the resume with education. This is a mistake. List your internship under either experience, alongside other relevant employment, or under an internship heading if you've completed more than one program of this type.

If you have two or more internships, and these are more relevant to your aspirations than your paid positions, place them under their own heading and stick them at the top where they can take precedence over your work experience.

If your work experience is more recent and includes impressive positions that are relevant to the industry, include these first, followed by an internship section before your education.

How to list an internship

List your internship on a resume the same way you list any employment. This is particularly important if you choose to intersperse internships and job experience. You should include the name of the organization, the months you worked there, the location, your position, and a bulleted list of your responsibilities.

Your resume formatting can take many forms, but make sure it's consistent. Don't change the formatting for internships, as this could give the impression that you believe these are less valuable than other points on the resume, when the opposite should be the case.

Highlighting responsibilities

Prioritize the most impressive parts of your internship position, even if these weren't what took up the majority of your time. No one wants to hear that you spent the first hours of the day doing coffee runs. If you spent even a few minutes of the day proofreading editorials or scriptwriting for video shorts, these are the responsibilities you should highlight. Ask your supervisors for tips on using the right industry jargon to catch your future employer's eye.

Never underestimate the power of a successful internship. Employers know that this type of workplace experience is usually more practical and valuable than any university degree. Include your internships proudly and never let them languish under more mundane elements on your resume.

Check your resume

As you can see, your experience as an intern is much like that for a paid employee, so your resume should treat it as such. Want to make sure your resume is doing its job? Get a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster's Resume Writing Service. You'll get detailed feedback in two business days, including a review of your resume's appearance and content, and a prediction of a recruiter's first impression. Think of it as part of your continuing education.