If you’re in one of these careers, you’re more likely to have an affair, new study shows

We’re sure you really did have to stay late at work to finish up that assignment—but this report from Ashley Madison says otherwise.

If you’re in one of these careers, you’re more likely to have an affair, new study shows

People in these top jobs are linked to having extramarital affairs.

Office romances are often considered forbidden fruit (especially in the age of #MeToo), yet many workers can’t help but take a bite. In fact, one in four workers is either currently or has engaged in a workplace relationship, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

While any relationship can get a little messy at times, getting involved with a co-worker comes with its own set of complications. What about PDA? What if you break up? What if you’re already married?

Apparently, some workers aren’t as faithful to their spouses as they are to their jobs, The Independent reports. And new survey data from Ashley Madison, a dating website that helps married people have affairs, shows that certain professions tend to attract people whose greatest weakness is infidelity.

According to the survey results, men who work in trades (think plumbers or electricians) tend to cheat the most, accounting for 29% of all male respondents. Chalk it up to irregular hours and shift schedules, which Ashley Madison says can make it easier for men to fly under the radar when it comes to sneaking around for a little afternoon delight, er, house call.

For the ladies, it looks like they’ve taken roleplaying “doctor” to an entirely new level…or maybe just watched one too many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Either way, the results show that women in medical professions, like doctors and nurses, cheat the most, accounting for 23% of all women respondents. Ashley Madison cites long hours and high stress as two possible excuses for their indiscretions.

More surprising than catching your lover in an affair, the survey highlights an interesting twist among the unfaithful. Despite straying from their partners, the survey respondents don’t seem to have any commitment issues when it comes to their careers. Nearly half (44%) said they never switch jobs, and those who did said they only did it once every 10 years. (Read this for guidance on how long you should commit to a job.)

While these are the top professions the survey found to be notorious for scandalous liaisons at work, we’re sure if you—or your significant other—are in any of the occupations in the list below, you’re probably too busy wiring circuits or saving lives even to have time for an affair. Right?

Top careers for infidelity:


12. Men: Social workWomen: Politics

11. Men: AgricultureWomen: Arts and entertainment

10. Men: Arts and entertainmentWomen: Legal

9. Men: Education; Women: Trades

8. Men: Legal; Women: Marketing and communications

7. Men: Medical; Women: Information technology

6. Men: Marketing and communications; Women: Retail and hospitality

5. Men: Finance; Women: Social work

4. Men: Retail and hospitality; Women: Finance

3. Men and women: Entrepreneur

2. Men: Information technology; Women: Education

1. Men: Trades; Women: Medical

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