This is the skill you need today if you want a job in one of the highest paying industries

Seven million job openings last year were in occupations that value coding. Maybe it’s time to pick up this skill set.

This is the skill you need today if you want a job in one of the highest paying industries

Do you speak HTML? Is Java your second language? Can you navigate PHP, .net or C++?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you have a huge advantage in terms of landing a high-paying job, new research shows.

According to an analysis of 26 million job postings by job market analytics firm Burning Glass, about half of the jobs paying $57,000 or more per year are in occupations that commonly require applicants to have at least some computer coding knowledge. In fact, on average, jobs requiring coding skills pay $22,000 more per year than jobs that don’t.

You’re probably at least passingly familiar with some of the coding languages out there: CSS, JavaScript and maybe even specialty languages like Ruby on Rails or Python. In 2015, 7 million job openings were in occupations that value coding skills, which corresponds to 20% of what Burning Glass calls “career track” jobs, or those that pay a national living wage of at least $15 per hour.

But coding isn’t limited to just programming jobs. Information technology (IT) specialists, data analysts, artists and designers, engineers and scientists usually require some level of coding knowledge within different coding programs, as Burning Glass stated in its report.

Now, if you have no clue when it comes to code, don’t worry, you could always enroll in a bootcamp. But if you have enough code knowledge, you may want to look into a job at one of these five high-paying industries.


Information Technology

Importance: Very high

Common programming skill requirements: Java, C++, SQL, Oracle, JavaScript, Hadoop, NoSQL, R

Projected 10-year growth: 8.8%

Median salary: $90,000

Types of jobs: IT specialist, computer programmer, computer support specialist, information security, network administrator, software developer, computer systems analyst


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Data Analysis

Importance: High

Common programming skill requirements: Microsoft Excel, SQL, Oracle, Hadoop, NoSQL Data, SAS, R

Projected 10-year growth: 7.7%

Median salary: $79,000

Types of jobs: Database administrator, data analyst, business analyst, data scientist, financial analyst


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Art and Design

Importance: High

Common programming skill requirements: Adobe Photoshop, JavaScript, HTML5

Projected 10-year growth: 8.2%

Median salary: $78,000

Types of jobs: Art director, graphic designer, multimedia artist, animator, web designer, user experience designer


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Importance: Moderate

Common programming skill requirements: Computer Aided Design, Programmable Logic Controllers, Computer Numerical Control Machines, C++, Java

Projected 10-year growth: 2.9%

Median salary: $74,000

Types of jobs: Computer hardware engineer, software engineer, architecture engineer, mechanical engineer, civil engineer


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Importance: Moderate/Low

Common programming skill requirements: SAS, R, Python, C++

Projected 10-year growth: 6.3%

Median salary: $61,000

Types of jobs: Chemist, materials scientist, physicist, health informatics, biomedical engineer, medical researcher, environmental scientist


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Job outlook data and wages from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.