College students resume objective examples

Ditch the standard resume objective and learn how to make yours stand out among all of the others.

College students resume objective examples

Jobs for college students are some of the most sought-after positions in the workforce. Although career summaries are more common nowadays, a resume objective could come in handy in order to help you stand out from the crowd. A resume objective is a short, pointed statement about the value you can bring to a job. It should focus on exactly what your skills and experience are and how they will benefit the company.

A well-written resume objective helps clarify your skills and goals for a hiring manager. Check out the job description to get clues on what a company is looking for in an employee. You should create a new objective statement for each resume you send out—using a standard objective statement for every application looks amateurish and will only hurt you in the long run. Ensure that your objective targets the job and the company you want to work for.

Why use an objective?

When you're a college student, it's likely that you don't have much professional experience in the field you're interested in, but a college student resume objective can help show that you still have the skills needed to perform the job.

As you're considering your resume objective, think about the skills and requirements of the specific job. Tailoring your objective to these helps hiring managers see you as more than just your job history (or lack thereof).

What are good college student resume objectives?

A good college student resume objective focuses on the benefits you bring to the company. In addition, it should target both the job and the company itself. The perfect objective should be no longer than a sentence or two, at most. Keep it short and sweet, while keeping it relevant. Check out these examples:

  • To use my attention to detail and extensive experience with Excel, NetSuite, and QuickBooks to maintain the accounts for Rock Creative, helping to increase revenue and decrease expenditures.

This objective statement shows that you have experience in the specific programs an accountant within this company would use. It targets the company and the specific job itself. On top of this, it shows that you understand the role of an accountant is not only to put in the numbers, but to help the overall money management of the company.

Hardworking business management student with proven organizational, interpersonal communication, and leadership skills seeks to help improve the team relations and solve problems relating to customer service for Company X.

If you don't have much work experience, you can use an objective similar to the one above to show that you understand the requirements of a customer service manager. Back up the information in your objective statement with information in your resume, such as organizations you are a member of. 

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