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Use this resume tip to score an internship

A career summary provides a hiring manager with their first impression of you. Make it count.

Use this resume tip to score an internship

Your resume can go a long way in scoring you an internship.

A strong, concise internship resume objective used to be required to help you stand out from a long list of internship candidates, but resume objectives have become obsolete over the years. The career summary is more common nowadays—and when you're applying to internships, a good career summary is important to let hiring managers know exactly why you're the one they should pick. 

Employers receive large amounts of resumes for internships from college students and recent grads. That's why it's so important to ensure that your resume stands out and makes a statement. Writing your resume is tough enough, and historically, the resume objective was the first thing hiring managers read. A career summary is now doing the job, essentially providing the reader with their first impression of you. You may not have a bunch of experience to fill a career summary, but you can still highlight what makes you awesome.

Tips for writing your internship resume summary

Back in the day, the resume objective had to immediately grab the reader's attention, so it was straight to the point and concise. A resume career summary must do the same thing in the same way, but it also needs to highlight a few reasons why you'd be an invaluable asset to the company or organization. Rather than write an objective that details only with what you hope to gain from the internship, think of the resume summary as the place to sell your skills and any competencies that would benefit the hiring manager and existing employees. This short paragraph should also include the name of the organization to which you are applying and the department, if applicable.

Sample summaries for internship resumes

The following internship resume summary examples are a good place to start, but be sure to tailor them to suit your own needs and the needs of the internship you hope to acquire:

  • As a finance graduate with an advanced knowledge of economics, I hope to obtain an internship with ABC Company, which will benefit from my excellent customer service skills.
  • My strong problem-solving and analytical skills could be well utilized at ABC Company's summer internship program. My part-time work experience and marketing studies will provide solid support to ABC Company's marketing department.
  • A self-motivated, hardworking graduate student in computer science, I seek an internship position at ABC Company that will allow me to explore career options in the IT sector. I have consulted in the computer center, tutored undergraduates, and completed advanced projects relevant to this internship position.
  • My experience as assistant editor of the campus publication, in addition to my strong writing skills, ensures I will make a positive contribution to ABC Company. I look forward to learning from a leading marketing company that provides the opportunity to expand my knowledge as a communications major. 
  • A 4.0 GPA throughout my mechanical engineering studies attests to my hard work and enthusiasm for the engineering industry, and I hope to obtain an engineering internship that will utilize my analytical and design skills. 
  • An internship at ABC Health Care Facility would offer a fantastic opportunity for me to further my nutrition studies, which began when I was as a dietetic intern at XYZ Hospital.

Resume writing advice

Remember: Companies and institutions want to know what you will bring to the table, not merely what you hope to gain from the internship experience. Do you need help making sure your resume is a solid demonstration of your strengths and capabilities? Get a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster's Resume Writing Service. You'll get detailed feedback in two business days, including a review of your resume's appearance and content, and a prediction of a recruiter's first impression. The competition for internships is intense, so take every advantage to polish your candidacy before formally applying.

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