How to write a thank-you note after completing an internship

Don't leave your internship without expressing gratitude for the valuable experience.

How to write a thank-you note after completing an internship

When sending more than one letter, customize each one.

Most people realize they should send a thank-you letter after an interview, but many neglect to send one after completing an internship. Here’s why an internship thank-you letter is important:

It distinguishes you from your peers. Since many interns don’t bother to send a thank-you note, the gesture will set you apart from the crowd.

It leaves a lasting, favorable impression. This will be beneficial if you ask the sponsoring organization to serve as a reference when you begin your job search.

It could open doors. Formally saying thank you strengthens a relationship that could lead to job opportunities, mentorships, and a chance to become part of the recipient’s trusted network.

Handwritten or emailed?

As long as you write and send a thank-you note, the delivery method is a matter of personal preference. Email provides the advantages of speed and spellcheck, while a handwritten note lends a more personal, unexpected touch.

Who should you thank?

Your internship supervisor is top of the list. If you worked with team members who were especially supportive, send them thank-you notes as well. Think about people who helped you along the way, and don’t forget about professors, advisors, and career service professionals who facilitated the experience.

When sending more than one letter, customize each one. A boilerplate note doesn’t leave the same positive impression as a note that’s individually tailored.

What to include in your internship thank-you letter

Obviously, saying thank you is the main point of the note. Beyond that, cite examples of knowledge you gained, advice you received, and projects you worked on. While the tone of your note should be professional, don’t be afraid to add a personal touch—including anecdotes or reflecting on shared experiences will be most meaningful.

Sample thank-you note to internship supervisor

Dear Ms. Allen,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as an IT intern at XYZ Company’s Southwest Regional Office. From day one, you made me feel like a valuable member of your technology team. Your hands-on training gave me skills that a classroom simply can’t provide, and I’m grateful for what has been an incredible six months for me.

Thanks to you and my mentor, Nancy Young, I not only gained a foundation in three programming languages, but also learned best practices in networking security, data backup and recovery, and network configuration. Armed with these skills, I am better equipped to add value to my future employer and am more excited than ever to launch my IT career after I graduate in May.

Your leadership made my internship a positive and rewarding experience. I wish you and the entire team continued success.



Matthew Simpson

Sample thank-you note to internship mentor

Dear Nancy,

I was so fortunate to have you as my mentor during my internship. Thank you for all you did to make my six months at XYZ Company a valuable learning experience. The hours you spent with me helped me slay Java, conquer C, and gain basic proficiency in Python.

By including me in projects outside of the internship scope, you gave me the chance to learn networking and security fundamentals. Working alongside you to troubleshoot connectivity and configuration issues made it clear that I should pursue a career in network operations when I graduate in May.

Of course, I’ll always have fond memories of our Taco Tuesday lunches. Not only did you provide candid career guidance during these outings, you also cultivated my passion for authentic tacos de canasta.

Once again, thanks for sharing your time, knowledge, and advice during my internship. I wish you all the best—let’s stay in touch.



Matthew Simpson

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