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Apr. 20 - May 20

Taurus Career Horoscope

September 2019

by the AstroTwins

Settling into back-to-school mode will take time, Taurus. With the Sun and excitable Mars in Virgo and your playful fifth house until September 23, you're not in the mood for any serious business just yet. Mine this richly creative (and social) period to express your artistic side. Maybe it’s time to write a manifesto or to book a performance space. Soak up culture: take yourself to see the latest museum exhibit or hear an author reading at the symphony hall. Tempted as you are to splurge, keep a handle on your funds, as Mars locks into a tricky angle with excessive Jupiter and nebulous Neptune. You may have some expenses to handle this fall, and you could easily blow that budget going out with friends (those tapas and coffees add up fast!).

Save it up for one epic fall reunion or live show on September 14, when the Pisces full moon illuminates your eleventh house of friends and networking. Head to an industry mixer or sign up for an online class. After that, you might get serious about an entrepreneurial project, when structured Saturn wakes up from a four-month retrograde in your ninth house of startups, travel and study. Pondering a return to school or relocating for work? Explore, but don't be impulsive. Slow-and-steady Saturn rewards you for conducting due diligence. Try before you buy: take an expert's free webinar before you plunk down the funds for their entire training program.

On September 23, the Sun moves into Libra and your methodical sixth house for a month, joined by a Libra new moon on the 28th, the perfect moment for a fresh start. With the beautifying beams of Libra in your methodical sixth house, find ways to do work that make you both effective AND creative. How can you stay organized while still adding a personal flourish? Test-drive some productivity apps and track how you spend time so you know how long it actually takes you to accomplish your daily tasks. Start and end your day with calming rituals—the next four weeks are all about wellness and balanced living.

Best Jobs for Taurus

Job Traits for Taurus

  • Strong managers
  • Methodical and practical
  • Excellent planners and organizers
  • Professional and grounded
  • Not afraid to call it like they see it
  • Visual mindsets

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