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Apr. 20 - May 20

Taurus Career Horoscope

November 2019

by the AstroTwins

Who are the people in your inner circle, Taurus? With the Sun in Scorpio and your partnership zone until November 22, collaborating with complementary souls can help you go farther. But choose wisely! Communication and technology planet, Mercury, is retrograde (backward) until November 19, which could cause misunderstandings to run rampant. Take extra care with people and be mindful of what you put into emails, text ,or writing during this tricky time. Signing a contract? Read the fine print and run it by an attorney if you’re not sure. On November 20, motivator Mars enters Scorpio for the rest of the year, charging up your relationships and bringing exciting deals and offers to team up.

Until November 20, you’ll be busy handling the “little things” as Mars zooms through Libra and your sixth house of administrative tasks and systems. This astro energy is so potent, it may make you feel like you’ve had one too many cortados. Don’t scatter your energies to the wind. Start smart: Write down organizational goals and track your progress with a good daily planner or type your to-do list hour-by-hour on your phone. As the saying goes, health is wealth, and this transit is perfect for getting a handle on what does your body good. Make those doctor appointments you’ve been putting off and fast-track your fitness objectives.

Your shining moment arrives November 12 as the year’s only Taurus full moon illuminates your first house of self and new initiatives. Make use of the energizing brio that comes with the transit and get yourself out there: Put the final touches on that play or proposal you’ve been nursing and set up the meeting. Don’t wait to be noticed. Make the big ask! Now’s the time to finish what you’ve started and step out on faith.

You’ll be ready to dive into the details on November 22, when the Sun slips into Sagittarius and your eighth house of joint ventures, long-term wealth, and focus. Your powers of concentration will be mighty, so make up for lost Mercury retrograde time with some uninterrupted blocks of work and research. The Sagittarius new moon on November 26 could plant the seeds for a lucrative partnership or investment opportunity. Someone you meet near this date could have skills that complement yours. Look into where you could merge your superpowers for a win-win!

Best Jobs for Taurus

Job Traits for Taurus

  • Strong managers
  • Methodical and practical
  • Excellent planners and organizers
  • Professional and grounded
  • Not afraid to call it like they see it
  • Visual mindsets

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