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Career Horoscopes


Apr. 20 - May 20

Taurus Career Horoscope

May 2021

by the AstroTwins

Making a list and checking it twice? With the Sun in extravagant Sagittarius and your eighth house of shared resources and investments until December 21, it’s a smart time to check on long-term financial goals. Can you make your money work harder for you? Should you team up with someone for mutual gain? Assess your inner circle and reach out to the power players. The Sagittarius total solar eclipse on December 14 could present an unexpected opportunity to bring in a larger lump sum, pay down debt, or take a plunge into a surprising joint venture. Eclipses can present an entirely new path or plot twist, so keep an open mind.

The big news lands on the shortest day of the year, December 21, when Saturn and Jupiter align so closely that they’ll appear as a single “star” in the night sky. The last time Saturn and Jupiter came this close was at the turn of the millennium, in 2000. This Great Conjunction also marks the departure of both planets from your experimental ninth house.

Was 2020 a year of big ideas and dreams that perhaps didn’t seem to gain much traction? As these powerhouses move into your tenth house of ambition, pay close attention to your career and long-term goals for 2021 and beyond—you’ll be offered the chance to establish yourself as an expert or land a solid professional opportunity—and you may find that one of your big, blue-sky ideas becomes a viable, sustainable business.

While you’re processing the possibilities, get ready for the New Year, because on Thursday, January 6, go-getter Mars will wake up from an unusually long six-month slog through your sleepy twelfth house and blaze into Taurus for two months. Ready to make up for lost time? You’re going to enjoy leaving 2020 in your rearview mirror!


Job Traits for Taurus

  • Strong managers
  • Methodical and practical
  • Excellent planners and organizers
  • Professional and grounded
  • Not afraid to call it like they see it
  • Visual mindsets

Best Jobs for Taurus


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