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Engineering Director of Connectivity & Consumer Applications


Kirkland, WA

Amazon Online Order Shopper - Immediately Hiring


Mercer Island, WA

Exchange Online Expert

Apex Systems

Houston, TX

Director, Training and Capacity Building


Philadelphia, PA

Employment Recruiter - Online Education

Pima Medical Institute


Senior Video Producer and Editor with Motion

Randstad USA

New York, NY

Java Engineer



Instructional Technology Coordinator - Online Education

Pima Medical Institute


Internet Sales Consultant

The Faulkner Automotive Group

Bethlehem, PA

Online Jobs Overview

Choosing an online job allows you to have flexible hours, spend more time with family, and avoid commuting. Depending on the distance from their work, the average American spends anywhere from 5.2 to 31.3 days commuting each year. No wonder online jobs are so popular!

Remote jobs are here to stay. What started as a solution to work in a pandemic world has become a standard. According to Monster's Global Future of Work Report, 46% of the companies surveyed said jobs they transitioned to work-from-home positions during the pandemic are now permanently remote.

Since many online jobs are administrative, you can expand your search by looking for administrative jobs. You may also want to do a job search for positions with other names for "online," like:

If you have a particular occupation in mind, you can also search for jobs performed online:

Online Job Education and Skills

Along with knowing how to do the job you choose, to be effective in a remote job, you need a dedicated workspace—working from your bedroom is not the optimal environment. Advice from the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research says you need quiet space without interruptions from children and pets, especially if you will be videoconferencing. You also need reliable internet, and these skills to succeed at working from home:

  • The ability to stay focused on work.
  • Time management.
  • Self-motivation.
  • Computer proficiency.
  • The ability to communicate effectively when teleconferencing, texting, and emailing.

Update Your Online Job Resume

Is your resume up to date? If you need to create a resume from scratch or update the one you used in the past, browse Monster's helpful resume writing tips. We've even provided you with resume samples to use as templates. Remember that cover letter, too! We're here to help with sample cover letters and cover letter writing tips.

Interviewing for an Online Job

If you're working from home, chances are you'll also be interviewing from home, by phone, on Zoom, or by supplying a video application. Some remote interviews will have pre-recorded questions with space to record your answers. Others will be live.

Before you turn your camera on or press record, read this article from Monster on how to prep for a video interview. Most importantly:

  • Practice using the employer's video meeting platform like Zoom, WebEx, Skype, or Microsoft Teams.
  • Prepare a well-lit location with a clean background. Don't have a window in the background, or you will appear as a silhouette.
  • Get rid of background noises and interruptions.
  • Test your computer's audio and video and check how you look by running a test session.
  • Make "eye contact" by looking into the camera lens on your laptop, not at the person on the screen.

General interview tips apply to video interviews as well. Here's a collection of Monster's best interview tips.

How Much Do Online Jobs Pay?

Typically, a job in one part of the country will pay differently than the same job elsewhere. Will an employer pay you according to where you live or where they are located? That's still being sifted out with remote jobs. As a starting point, you can use Monster's Salary Tools to plug in your remote job title and location. The tools page also lists skills that can boost your value in that job and suggests possible next steps in your career.

Discover the Best Online Jobs for You

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