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Sales Person- Kearny Mesa Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Sunroad Automotive

San Diego, CA

8 days ago
Sales Associate

Yogibo LLC

Merrimack, NH

11 days ago
Sales Associate

CBD American Shaman, LLC


9 days ago
Sales Associate

Photogenic, Inc.

Phoenixville, PA

8 days ago
Retail Sales Associate - Park City

Black Diamond Retail, Inc

Park City, UT

13 days ago
Sales Associate

Company Confidential

$32000 - $60000 / Per Year

Hattiesburg, MS

6 days ago
Sales Associate

The Linen House

$20000 - $25000 / YEAR

Los Angeles, CA

3 days ago
Full-Time Sales Associate


Astoria, NY

13 days ago
Retail Sales Associate

Camille La Vie

$11 - $13 / Per Hour

Austin, TX

29 days ago

Sales Associate Job Overview

All consumers—even the shy or wary ones—want a memorable shopping experience. And all businesses want to provide one so that customers make a purchase and also return. That’s why sales associate jobs are essential to the retail industry. But what’s the formula for success in this field?

First, passionate product knowledge can help keep customers within a store as they make their decisions. But the best associates also have versatile communication skills and know how to balance a vivacious personality without being overbearing. And when associates make a special effort—to look for an item, keep the store open past its closing hour, or simply be genuinely friendly—customers will remember, and they will come back.

Undoubtedly, brick-and-mortar shops are increasingly dealing with competition from online retail outfits. It’s inescapable, as online technology continues to upgrade. But that’s why maintaining a genial approach to in-person customer service is crucial—giving consumers a reason to physically go into stores rather than shop online.

And while there are opportunities for online sales associates, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) foresees an average of 557,200 job openings for retail sales workers, each year, over the next decade, thanks to retirements and employees switching occupations. Some retail operators, such as automobile sellers, haven’t been too affected by the rise of cybershopping either.

Expand your options with our huge selection of sales jobs in various segments. Or you can narrow down your search to the following positions:

Sales Associate Training and Skills

Most sales associate jobs don’t require higher education. You should be fine with a high school diploma and on-the-job training (which covers everything from security issues and best practices to store policies and procedures). As previously mentioned, a warm demeanor and being affably silver-tongued will certainly give you advantages. Be open to assuming multiple duties versus just selling or helping customers (i.e. running the cash register, restocking shelves, and engaging consumers through social media). The more you can do, the more in-demand you will be—and the more likely you’ll be moved up to supervisory or managerial positions.

Emphasize these skills:

  • customer service
  • selling capabilities
  • math (mainly for calculation)
  • communication and interpersonal skills
  • perseverance and persuasiveness

Monster can give you a taste of what to expect with this sales associate job description too.

Update Your Sales Associate Resume

Prior to applying to sales associate jobs, take inventory of your resume and make any necessary changes so that it puts both your selling and customer service skills at the forefront. Spotlight any accolades you’ve previously received, including when you exceeded given sales quotas. Want to see how that can be done? Then review Monster’s resume sample for a sales associate. If you need more help, check out our resume writing tips.

And if you’re fond of a particular brand, display that by extolling their virtues in a lively cover letter. Snag some creative cues from this retail cover letter example and our guides on cover letter writing.

Interviewing for a Sales Associate Job

Are you a people-person? That’s already a boon for any sales associate jobs and should give you a boost of confidence during your interview with the hiring manager too. Make sure to smile and extend a sparkling personality. Show how friendly and approachable you can be. Tell them you’re always willing to go the extra mile for customers (e.g., giving customized product recommendations or putting in an express order for out-of-stock items). And rehearse beforehand with the following questions:

  • How would you characterize our brand? Can you do so with three adjectives?
  • Which product line of ours is your favorite and why?
  • What do you prioritize to provide excellent customer service?
  • How receptive are you to feedback or criticism?

Additionally, we can help you further prepare before your job interview, including some guidance on how to answer tough questions such as how to intelligently explain what you liked least about your last job.

How Much Do Sales Associate Jobs Pay?

These positions are usually entry-level, so salaries will likely depend on your experience and the kind of retail operation you’re aiming for. Regardless, these jobs are a great way for you to get your foot in the door at a brand you love. Currently, the yearly median pay for retail sales associates is $28,307, and it can go up to $48,768.

Also, make use of all the Salary Tools on Monster to view specific pay details for jobs in your location.

Want to Learn More About a Company You’re Interested In?

Not all retail companies are the same, and some brands may be more fitting to your needs than others. At Monster, we can match you with sales associate jobs that will help you succeed. That’s why we have company profiles, where you can get:

  • insight on brands and their corporate culture
  • intel on retail trends
  • updated job listings

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