High-paying human resources jobs on the rise

These jobs combine analytical tasks with communication and people skills—and they pay well too.

High-paying human resources jobs on the rise

Human resources specialties can pay in the six figures.

New shoots of growth are coming up in the human resources job market, as companies start to see turnover and recognize the need to focus on attracting and retaining talent in a job market flooded with open positions and not enough people to fill them.

To steer your career toward a big human resources salary, focus on positions where you combine analytical tasks with communication and people skills. Jobs that focus on setting corporate culture, developing or executing training, designing compensation or career paths, and attracting or retaining exceptional employees can also lead to a big human resources salary. 

Obviously, salary will depend on your years of experience, specialty, and where in the country you work. For example, a compensation and benefits manager salary in Minneapolis is 1% higher than the national median; a director of training and development salary in Henderson, Nevada, is 5% higher than the national median; and an administrative supervisor salary in New York City is 25% higher than the national median.

Working in those niches, you’ll find some of the highest-paying human resources jobs. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Salary.com, we rounded up some of the most lucrative HR jobs and their median annual salaries.

Change management specialist

What you’d do: If you know how to build benefits and programs that add organizational flexibility or take corporate culture in a different direction, you’re in great demand in the current market. You’ll earn every dime of that salary coming up with low-cost ways to retain employees who’ve spent the past two years coming in earlier, staying later and not getting much in the way of raises and bonuses.
What you’d need: A master’s degree is typical.
What you’d make: $126,741 per year

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Compensation and benefits manager

What you’d do: As the job title infers, these managers plan, develop, and maintain compensation programs for employees. Among the job responsibilities are determining wage rates and benefits providers, as well as managing a program budget.
What you’d need: A bachelor’s degree in human resources, business administration, business management, finance, or a related field.
What you’d make: $121,010 per year

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Training and development managers

What you’d do: These managers oversee a company’s staff training programs. They develop or select course content and materials to help train employees. Often they manage the specialists who conduct these trainings, though in smaller companies, managers teach the courses, as well. 
What you’d need: A bachelor’s degree in human resources, business administration, education, or a related field is typical, though some positions require a master’s degree.
What you’d make: $111,340 per year

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Human resources director

What you’d do: HR directors run the administrative functions of an organization. They oversee the recruiting and hiring of new staff; consult with top executives on strategic planning; and serve as the middleman between management and employees.
What you’d need: A bachelor’s degree is required, though some jobs call for a master’s degree.
What you’d make: $113,300 per year. Note: A director of human resources salary is highly dependent on company size and location.

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Administrative services managers

What you’d do: In this job, you’d coordinate supportive services of an organization, including maintaining facilities and supervising activities that include record keeping, mail distribution, and office upkeep.
What you’d need: A bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, facility management, or information management is typical.
What you’d make: $96,180 per year

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