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6 Fastest Growing Jobs in Science and Technology

Almost all industries will see an increase in employment of computer professionals over the next decade

6 Fastest Growing Jobs in Science and Technology

Four broad fronts of science and technology continue to advance and impact every corner of academia, industry and commerce. Together they have ushered in the new digital era and are revolutionizing the world way we live and interact with each other, they are:

  • Information technology is changing the ways we learn and communicate and how and in what arenas we compete.
  • Biotechnology is changing the way we take care of our bodies, health and food resources.
  • Environmental technology is changing the way we take care of our environment and nurture our world’s resources.
  • Engineering technology is changing the way we build our manufacturing and supply systems, including all the hardware and tooling necessary to bring the advances of information technology, biotechnology and environmental technology to life.

The Great Convergence

Science and technology work hand in hand to achieve new breakthroughs, so it has become increasingly difficult to define exactly where one technology stops and another begins. For example, 3-D printing invented some thirty plus years ago revolutionized making and testing prototypes, especially in the manufacturing industries, but 3-D printing hasn’t stood still, at a Harvard research lab this convergence has brought us to

The beginning of building living body parts.

Science & Technology Job Titles

Job titles such as engineer, scientist and analyst are gradually becoming interchangeable, depending largely on the employer, context and application of the work, which can be confusing at first. For example, the woman who leads the “body parts” team at Harvard has a primary degree in ceramics.

Communications is another booming area, where the focus for the next decade will be on designing and adopting more sophisticated technologies, such as the expansion of client/server networking environments to facilitate the sharing of information; enhancement of communication systems, e-commerce and data storage systems to make them all more efficient and secure; and “cyber security” to protect financial, intellectual property and other sensitive customer information.

The development of personal mobile devices and falling prices of computer hardware and software have made technology more accessible than ever before. There is a new specialty within the universe of technology referred to as IoT – The Internet of Things and this field concerns itself with connectivity using cutting edge renewable energy resources to power this connectivity.

Almost all industries will see an increase in employment of computer professionals over the next decade. Opportunities in the information sector will mainly be in computer systems design and related services, primarily software publishers and data processing and related industries.

Entrepreneurial opportunities for computer professionals have never been better. Network systems and data communications analysts, website developers, social media marketing and e-commerce specialists will not only have the option for traditional corporate careers but also growing opportunities for self-employment as technology has enabled both you and I to open a business and sell our products to the world.

Change is Constant

If you plan a career in technology or any of the sciences, you cannot be someone who depends on the status quo; change and volatility are very much a part of these industry sectors. Your goal will not be to find a lifetime employer, they simply don’t exist anymore, but to maintain your employability. This will require constant upgrading of your skills through the work you do and personal investment of time and energy staying on the cutting edge of the skills demanded in your chosen professional niche.

If along with the technical skills of your profession, you are also able to develop the communication skills to share and work with nontechnical people, you will have a special sauce that can be a major factor in your long-term your success. Additionally, because of the global nature of science and technology, languages and multicultural awareness will always work to your benefit.

Here are some of the fastest growing jobs in science and technology

Jobs Growth %
Computer Scientist and Database Administrator 37%
Computer Software Engineer 36%
Biomedical Engineer 30.6%
Computer Systems Analyst 29%
Environmental Scientist and Hydrologist 25%
Environmental Engineer 25%

You can find more complete information on these jobs and all the growth jobs in this sector at

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