This simple resume recipe will make recruiters hungry for more

Our step-by-step video shows you how to cook up a resume that hiring managers won’t be able to resist.

This simple resume recipe will make recruiters hungry for more

Just like the perfect meal—the kind that wins TV cooking contests and creates combustible love affairs—the perfect resume starts with the right ingredients.  And just as a classic recipe provides a tried-and-true formula for mealtime success, there’s a kind of algorithm to making a good resume:  Go heavy on experience, throw in a dash of skills, make this part spicy, make this part mild.

The results, of course, depend entirely on the skill level of the chef. But we’re more than happy to be your Julia or Giada on this one: Monster created a step-by-step video demonstrating everything you need to make your resume irresistible. Take a look—and find the full recipe below. Bon appétit!


  • 1 targeted summary, tailored to the job
  • 4 cups past employment history
  • 1 lb quantifiable results (time or money preferred)
  • 5-10 related skills
  • Education, diced (1-3 lines per school)
  • 2 tsp. fish sauce (optional)
  • 2 cups keywords from job ad
  • Honors and awards, to taste
  • Readable sans-serif font
  1. In a pot—or a word processing program—start with a brief summary that explains your experiences as they relate to the specific job for which you’re applying. Hiring professionals have sensitive palates and can often detect a generic application on sight
  2. Combine the next four ingredients. Remember: Presentation matters, so use a resume template if you’re not sure if your style game is on point.
  3. Add in the fish sauce (or not), and the rest of the ingredients—and definitely don’t forget those keywords. Employers can receive hundreds of resumes for a given job, and they’ll often use automated systems to find the resumes that are actually relevant. We’ve got some resume keyword tips if you need inspiration—but don’t overdo it. Stuffing your resume with keywords is like over-salting a perfectly good filet.
  4. Reduce 10 minutes, then come back to proofread for spelling and grammar errors.
  5. Voila! Your resume is ready and looks good enough to eat. (Editor’s note: Don’t actually eat your resume.)

Get a taste test

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