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10 tech jobs for extroverts

Merge your digital skills with the personal touch.

10 tech jobs for extroverts

Tech jobs have something of an image problem: For many people, the first thought is of a code monkey grinding away, alone, in a cubicle for hours—and as an extrovert, this probably doesn’t seem like a world where you’d fit in.

But working in tech doesn’t mean you have to give up on being around people. In fact, some of the hottest jobs around blend the latest tech with classic soft skills like public speaking, writing and networking.

Monster used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale to round up 10 tech jobs that are a great fit for extroverts.

Digital marketer

What you’ll do: Digital marketers use a variety of online channels to promote products and services in a way that makes the best use of everyone’s time and effort, including yours. Digital marketing involves the same positive, outgoing mindset that traditional marketing relies on, but also tech skills like gathering and sorting through online analytics data.

What it pays: $46,918 per year

Who’s hiring: AT&T, Amazon, Micro Center

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Help desk technician

What you’ll do: Help desk technicians are the source of excellent fix-it advice that goes well beyond, “Did you reboot yet?” In this job, you’ll work with co-workers, by phone or in person, depending on the role to help users troubleshoot all manner of tech issues with their mobile devices, laptop and desktop computers, and a variety of proprietary internal online systems. Sure, not all help desk techs are extroverts, but it certainly can’t hurt given how much of the job involves talking—to real people!—about complex problems until you find a solution.

What it pays: $51,470 per year

Who’s hiring: UnitedHealth Group, AT&T, DISH

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Web developer

What you’ll do: Web developers combines early face-time with later screen time. As a web developer, you’ll design and build websites to keep eyeballs coming and fingers clicking, sometimes in-house and sometimes on behalf of a client. Before developers create a site’s visual style and the technical substance, they consult with clients and stakeholders about what goals the site will have.

What it pays: $64,970 per year

Who’s hiring: Wolters Kluwer, Amazon, iSoftStone

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User experience (UX) designer

What you’ll do: UX designers ensure that digital products do what they’re supposed to do once in the hands of users. As a UX designer, you’ll be involved in the technical side of production—so, yes, you’ll look at screens a lot—but you’ll also do a ton of face-to-face collaborating. You’ll do research with potential users to figure out what’s on target and what’s not, and you’ll communicate with internal stakeholders on how to get those missing elements back on track.

What it pays: $73,628

Who’s hiring: Amazon, Capital One, AT&T

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Tech recruiter

What you’ll do: Tech recruiters find the best and brightest for the countless jobs in the red-hot tech market. At this job, you’ll need the same skills as other recruiters, including being outgoing and ready to jump into any conversation, but you’ll also need tech knowledge—not coder-level, but certainly a comfort level with tech discussions and the ability to discern between the contenders and the pretenders.

What it pays: $48,647 per year

Who’s hiring: Amazon, NTT Data, DPS Engineering

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Scrum master

What you’ll do: Scrum masters play a facilitator role between the “team” and the “owner” in a specific type of Agile software development. A scrum master is a certified role in the somewhat abstract “scrum” development process; it involves balancing the needs of the team (the coders, essentially) and the owner (the key stakeholder) in developing software. Tech skills and understanding come into play at this job, but so does the ability to jump into any situation and find a way to reach a positive outcome.

What it pays: $82,559 per year

Who’s hiring: Wolters Kluwer, Starbucks, NTT Data

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Customer success manager

What you’ll do: Customer success managers help customers make the most of a company’s software. Unlike traditional customer service roles, this job involves more than just troubleshooting when the client reports a problem. Instead, you’ll continuously collect feedback and share advice on how to make the most of the features available. The role has grown in prominence thanks to the rise of the SaaS model in software.

What it pays: $51,470 per year

Who’s hiring: Adobe Systems, Amazon, Agilent Technologies

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Technical writer

What you’ll do: Technical writers express complicated subjects in words rather than in code. At this job, you’ll produce various forms of content, including instruction manuals for software or devices. While writing itself is usually associated with introverts (just like coding is), this role emphasizes collaboration, including with sources as you gather information and with editors as the work is shaped for publication.

What it pays: $70,240 per year

Who’s hiring: AT&T, Amazon, F5 Networks

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IT project manager

What you’ll do: IT project managers hold the reins for IT projects from start to finish. The “manager” in the title is the real emphasis, as project managers are responsible for planning, oversight and the eventual success or failure of an IT project—and an extrovert’s innate desire to engage and communicate with others, including their team members, can be a big part of making this happen.

What it pays: $84,662 per year

Who’s hiring: Wolters Kluwer, Johnson & Johnson, NTT Data

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Network administrator

What you’ll do: Network administrators keep everyone’s devices and computers connected. At this job, you’ll be responsible for the nuts and bolts of connectivity, so there’s plenty of tech and analytical skills that come into play; but at its heart, this job is about ensuring that communication—for co-workers and customers—is constantly available. A network admin who is outgoing is a great representation of what the entire role is all about.

What it pays: $77,810 per year

Who’s hiring: Scientific Research, BAE Systems, AT&T

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